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LewdGamer Open Forum #7

Welcome to LewdGamer’s open forum.

Comiket 91 is over and so is 2016. We are setting our course in current year with lots of lewd things to look forward to. So we are wondering, what are your predictions of 2017? What company will blast us away with amazing new titles and what company will end up dissapointing? It is best to look at it in a positive way with more titles being ported to more platforms, Eastern games are being localized to the West and VR games are starting to boom. Whatever will happen, we wish you a healthy 2017 with lots of fun, and remember, stay lewd and keep fapping.

The LewdGamer Open Forum is a space where you, our fans, get to discuss anything you wish. An issue of game censorship got you down? Vent about it here! Is there a particular 2D character you would like to bone and you have no one to share this knowledge with? Simply post it here in our Disqus comments section. You can even ask LewdGamer staff questions if there’s anything you’re interested in learning about our operations.

The only rule we have for this feature is, to quote our big black boss man, “Don’t be a fucking idiot!“. Have a good time with your fellow lewdites!

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  • EroBotan

    What’s the difference between “Review” & “LewdLook”

    • ZenithTheOne

      Reviews are pretty self-explanatory and contain scores for specific elements of a game. LewdLooks are similar to reviews, but we can’t score them, because they are either fan translations, machine translations or in another language that isn’t English.

      • EroBotan

        i see, thanks ^^

  • kra

    How’s the industry growth looking? Is e.g. lewdgamer getting more views than before?

  • EroBotan

    I’m not too happy, so far no 3rd person shooter is ported to PC. No bullet girls, no Senran Kagura Beach Splash, no Gun Gun Pixies.

    My bussiness is still in bad state .. no budget to buy PS4 & and it’s games …

    I regularyly feed 5 stray cats. One of them start to refuse cat food and only want human food, what the hell, cat? I rarely eat meat myself!! That cat is getting more & more arrogant despite he’s just bone & skin now … .

    • Waifu Engineering

      Hey man I think I bought one of your games during the Steam sale, I doubt it would make a dent on your budget though.

      Regarding cats, I have advice, since I also take care of 4 cats (a mother and 3 kittens). I save the chicken bones I eat from home and restaurants, whether KFC, rotisserie or whatever, and give them to the cats. That way I don’t have to buy for them specifically. Or if I have to, I buy a cheap can of sardines and mix it with a lot of rice. Treat your cats like dogs, and they actually grow up healthy. The eldest kitten is like the alpha tomcat in the compound now and wins every territorial fight.

      • EroBotan

        Thanks for the support! that means a lot!

        I don’t mind giving them meat since i’m actually not a fan of meat anyway (unless it’s pizza/cheeseburger/hamburger) but since we rarely have meat (and when we do it’s in small quantity) having a cat who mostly eat only meat is giving me headache T__T

        I’ll try your suggestion about adding rice, hopefully it can offset the small quantity of the meat, thanks for the suggestion!

      • EroBotan

        i begin to worry that he has some ilness that make him a very picky eater .. i mean he rather die than eating something that he don’t like, crazy right?

  • Nazzaroth

    even if i had my ups and downs with the site and its content it still was an awesome year to be a reader here on lewdgamer (esp. because you can vent a bit if you have to and your not immedially dismissed as a troll like on other sites). i hope for great coverage of lewd stuff for next year and will be eager what we can wank to in the future XD

  • Lewd loli vampire

    I still wish you guys would post about Emmerzail like I told you many time but ok -_-

    • EroBotan

      if we’re talking about suggesting games, I vote for Echidna Wars DX, Slave Girl Ena, and Rune Pharmacy!

  • buddyluv324

    Found this lovely lil gem of a video. Looks like this shit is still going to continue to be dragged about through the new year:

    • FALprofessional

      A YouTube comment wrapped it up in the best way:
      “This is fuckin pathetic. None of these SJW cucks understand internet culture. I feel humiliated for them associated anime and memes with white supremacy. When will the self victimization ever stop? Is everything offense nowadays?”

    • EroBotan

      SJW approriating japanese culture :3

  • Vitriks

    I don’t know, the whole situation with 3d games are awful. Illusion start doing VR games witch is huge waste of time and there are no other tittles in development. There lots of indie games, but they not interactive or seriously lacking of content.

    • FALprofessional

      I don’t see VR games being a waste of time. We have to start some where. And, it isn’t as if those who don’t have VR headsets can’t play. You can still play Honey Select like a champ. Custom Maid 3D 2 works superbly on a monitor or headset. In all honesty, I am waiting for Fallen Doll: an English 3D game. None of the translation nonsense. Albeit we have quite some time to wait.

  • FALprofessional

    Just… VR. I am looking forward to VR with hand input the most! Thing is, I am not sure if LeapMotion Controls or Touch Controls would be better to get. Gotta wait and see who adopts what.

  • nomotog

    So steam is letting a new porn game on without censoring. I’ll be optimistic and say the door is open now.

    • ZenithTheOne

      Not anything special or noteworthy, but of course these people drum it up as some sort of breakthrough event. Almost no one made a peep when Kindred Spirits on the Roof or Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning came out on Steam. Both contain softcore pornographic sex scenes, meaning there is nudity but no genitals are shown. If you want to show more, Steam will not allow it.
      I have not read Ladykiller in a Bind yet, but I did look through all of the art assets and it’s really the same level of sexual content as both of the games I mentioned.

      • nomotog

        Is LG planing on doing a review?

        • ZenithTheOne

          It’s in the works.

      • EroBotan

        from what i heard it’s made by Christine Love who people says is also an SJW? If that’s true then i guess that’s why these people make a huge case of it even though it’s something normal.

        • buddyluv324

          Pretty much. Not surprise they’re so late to the party. And if this was any other game, the same people praising this would of been pushing for an “all-age” version.

          • EroBotan

            i agree, the usual SJW hypocrysy ..

  • kladox21

    Yandere Dev is having problems, his game got banned from Twitch and they are not giving him any explanation.

  • Ebiag

    Unusual adult game “Pandorium”

    Hi guys. Recently I found an interesting adult game and want to make it a little review because for a long time looking for something quality of sex games. This game is Pandorium. I understand the idea of this, you arrive on the planet and you have to build from scratch a city, to see to it that people bred to develop the economy of the city, to explore new worlds, to cross different races. This is not just a game where you fuck, it’s not interesting. This game is a hybrid of different game genres with elements of sex. As promised the developers, and soon there will be other races (Fury and many other species), it will be possible to explore the world, discover new planets and of course to cross people with different races.

    Personally, I was pleased with the personal slave, which is in my house, from which you can have sex and change it to your taste.. In general, I liked the game, or rather the very idea and graphics. The boys are now constantly improving the game every month release updates. Recently I became their patron saint on the Patreon. I do not know, maybe one of you have heard something about this project?

    Who cares, here is the link to the game and on the Patreon

  • Mv

    I just bought a macbook and am trying to find games like sexy beach, artificial girl, etc. Im having a hard time finding anything, please help

  • Tchaimadeus

    Where do you stream at that allows Hentai games?

  • Cee Jhay Koh

    hi. ive been looking for an eroge game with a nameable male protagonist. so far ive found roundscape, dragon date,crystalline and pretty much everything in vndb. i would prefer something with action. any recommendations?