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LewdGamer Open Forum #7

Welcome to LewdGamer’s open forum.

Comiket 91 is over and so is 2016. We are setting our course in current year with lots of lewd things to look forward to. So we are wondering, what are your predictions of 2017? What company will blast us away with amazing new titles and what company will end up dissapointing? It is best to look at it in a positive way with more titles being ported to more platforms, Eastern games are being localized to the West and VR games are starting to boom. Whatever will happen, we wish you a healthy 2017 with lots of fun, and remember, stay lewd and keep fapping.

The LewdGamer Open Forum is a space where you, our fans, get to discuss anything you wish. An issue of game censorship got you down? Vent about it here! Is there a particular 2D character you would like to bone and you have no one to share this knowledge with? Simply post it here in our Disqus comments section. You can even ask LewdGamer staff questions if there’s anything you’re interested in learning about our operations.

The only rule we have for this feature is, to quote our big black boss man, “Don’t be a fucking idiot!“. Have a good time with your fellow lewdites!

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