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Are corruption, brothels, and bikini armor what tests the mettle of a hunter? You can find out in Hunter’s Quest ~ Aina’s Arduous Tale ~.

Hunter’s Quest ~ Aina’s Arduous Tale ~ was initially released March 29, 2014 by Milk Seeki. It is a short four to five hour RPG revolving around the adventure of Aina joining the local Hunter’s Guild for the betterment of both herself and her town. It was created in RPG Maker Ace and is still receiving support from the developer. The most recent game update was released in September of this year and updated the game to 1.05.

A fan-translation patch for the game was also released this year which allows the game to be played in English. The group Yummy Tiger Gaming is responsible for that. Their current release for this game, as of this writing, is 1.03, and this Lewdlook is based on that version.

Yummy Tiger Gaming has lofty goals for the final release of their translation of this game. To summarize, they want to have a “liberal” translation of the story while keeping core intact. What this means is that their version will, “Improve the ‘exposure’ mechanic in game; [add] 2 new event sequences; and new artwork that ‘mimics the original artwork.'” The current release of 1.03 does not contain any changes in artwork and only a minor text change to one hentai scene. Whether this detracts from the original intent of the developer is not for me to say, but rather a decision to make for yourself.

I’m sure a few liberties were taken… {.align-center}

Hunter’s Quest ~ Aina’s Arduous Tale ~, regardless of any translation issues, is an RPG at heart, and a decent one at that. The fighting mechanics are not overly complex, the story is simple enough to follow, if a tad predictable, and there is some challenging combat to round it out. There are, however, two different systems to make it stand out versus your traditional cookie cutter RPG Maker game.

First and most notable is the corruption level. This status shows numerically how “corrupt” Aina has become. Your corruption increases from either consensual or non-consensual lewd actions. These can range from removing her bikini top to getting raped by the innkeeper while she is asleep and unaware. The intent of the action doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is something lewd had happened to her. The corruption level also correlates with the different endings; the higher the corruption, the worse the ending.

That is the game’s downfall. You can either forego the entire erotic aspect of the game and play it as a straight RPG story (with the option to unlock all the scenes post-ending), or play it as a slut and enjoy the erotic scenes on a case to case basis knowing you will not get the best ending. There is an option for a new game+ mode to make different choices, but since there are only two paths, it’s far easier to make parallel save files.

The second (which is not really a system) is more or less what people call “grinding.” The normal way to grind is just beating enemies and collecting money to upgrade weapons and equipment which is fine if you want to pursue the “pure” route. If you’re of the more “corrupt” persuasion, you can work the brothel to make money to buy better equipment. Each scene can be repeated an infinite number of times, but with the “Ctrl” key you can speed text through to make it almost instantaneous. Regardless of which method you choose, you can end up buying the best equipment available after five to ten minutes rendering the rest of the game of little consequence.

Some of the dialogue is worth it not to skip through. {.align-center}

The story is simple. Aina wants to be a hunter, which is just a glorified bounty hunter, to her town. She gets accepted, and after a few simple jobs she is tasked with important world saving missions because a different mission has indisposed all the other higher ranking members. Eventually, the world hinges on her success or failure.

The fighting mechanics are in line with your typical RPG. Each element has a counter element, and use that counter element for higher damage. It’s actually quite difficult to fail any of the fights in this game, assuming you have knowledge of basic RPG weaknesses. One huge positive in the combat was they gave Aina a voice. She makes a noise when she receives damage. Sadly though, there are only four different sounds are recorded, and it would have been great to see them implemented in other ways during the game. One such idea would be during the hentai scenes, which are completely silent except for the music, they could have slowed down or modified the vocal sample and added in a rhythmic slapping beat for a slightly more immersive experience. That would only add icing to an otherwise great cake.

Finally, the hentai scenes are above par. The art is well drawn and the writing is descriptive yet still has enough tantalizing language to keep arousal. Since they are written from a third person female perspective, not everyone will enjoy them. They also focus on the “emotional degradation” aspect of each sexual act, and at the end attempts to chastise you, the player, for subjecting Aina to such an act. Of course, for people who enjoy corruption, these types of scenes will hit a home run. A small gripe is that the ending for each scene is slightly over the top and puts even the Starless protagonist to shame.

Teacher! Teacher! Aina had an accident with her glue! {.align-center}

Hunter’s Quest ~ Aina’s Arduous Tale ~ is definitely worth a look at if you enjoy corruption or just want a simple RPG to kill a few hours. Whether you want to be the chaste paragon of virtue, or the town cum dump it’s up to you. Yummy Tiger Gaming is allowing the translation patch for free from them, however, you will need to purchase the game yourself. It’s available from DLsite , DMM , and Digiket. The game usually retails for ¥1404 (around $10.00 US)‎, but is on sale for 50% off now through February for anyone interested.

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