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Information on new weapons, characters, and game mechanics have been released for Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash. Hebijo Clandestine Girls Academy and Homura Crimson Squad characters join the playable ranks, and we get some details on battle mechanics.

Marvelous Entertainment has released another huge wave of information for Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, I’m already sick of these water puns. In this latest update, we’ve received confirmation that classic characters from Hebijo Clandestine Girls Academy and Homura Crimson Squad will be playable. Additionally, there is some news about weapons, cards, and even some map screenshots.

The girls

The newly announced characters are listed below. Their bios are from the official Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash website, and have been translated by Gematsu.

■ Hebijo Clandestine Girls Academy Characters

Miyabi (voiced by Hiromi Hirata)

- Birthday: August 15

- Age: 21

- Blood Type: B

- Height: 5’6″

- Three-Sizes: B90-W56-H87

- Hobby: Bathing

- Favorite Food: Egg rice bowl

A third year student of Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy. She lost all of her memories and abilities in an accident while on a shinobi mission, but on a certain occasion she makes a comeback.

Although she’s at her wits end with individual members, she is aiming for victory while carrying the pride of Hebijo, working very hard at training everyday. She ponders how she will unify the team in the tournament.

Murasaki (voiced by Sayuri Yahagi)

- Birthday: October 26

- Age: 17

- Blood Type: A

- Height: 5’4″

- Three-Sizes: B105-W59-H88

- Hobby: Playing with Bebeby

- Favorite Food: Plain rice balls

A second year student of Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy and the first hikikomori ninja student of Hebijo. Her teddy bear “Bebeby” is always by her side.

She loves her older sister Imu, but perhaps because she is not good at speaking with others, she can’t communicate that feeling well. She doesn’t hate people though, as she also has a side of her that sympathizes with the other members.

Imu (voiced by Chiwa Saito)

- Birthday: June 9

- Age: 21

- Blood Type: AB

- Height: 5’3″

- Three-Sizes: B88-W60-H82

- Hobby: Studying

- Favorite Food: Inari sushi

A third year student of Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy. She was involved in the same accident as Miyabi and after one year of recuperation devoted herself to attending to Miyabi’s medical treatment.

She harbors special emotions for Miyabi, but she is a deco flash girl who doesn’t communicate her feelings directly. In the Peach Beach Splash, she is unable to contain her excitement when Miyabi is in a swimsuit despite normally not being able to worship her.

Ryobi (voiced by Yoko Hikasa)

- Birthday: January 19

- Age: 16

- Blood Type: O

- Height: 5’3″

- Three-Sizes: B69 (Before Shinobi Transformation), B95 (After Shinobi Transformation)-W56-H90

- Hobby: Sharpshooting

- Favorite Food: Lollipops

A first year student of Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy. A misunderstanding led her to hate the very sight of Miyabi, but through reconciliation she is a choice member of Hebijo.

She doesn’t get very mad at bad puns, but when she punishes Ryona her anger stands out above the rest. In the tournament, there are points when she re-thinks her punishment of Ryona.

Ryona (voiced by Mako)

- Birthday: January 19

- Age: 16

- Blood Type: O

- Height: 5’3″

- Three-Sizes: B98-W56-H88

- Hobby: Shopping

- Favorite Food: Fish sausage

A first year student of Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy. For various reasons she is the polar opposite twin sister of Ryobi.

A masochist who desires any kind of poor treatment and can obtain a pleasant feeling even when her existence is completely ignored. She aims for victory in the tournament for the sake of getting the things she absolutely wants.

■ Homura Crimson Squad Characters

Homura (voiced by Eri Kitamura)

- Birthday: January 3

- Age: 17

- Blood Type: B

- Height: 163cm

- Three-Sizes: B87-W57-H85

- Hobby: Fighting

- Favorite Food: Japanese food, meat

The leader of the Homura Crimson Squad. Due to certain circumstances, she became a runaway ninja. Deeply affectionate, she recognizes enemies and strong people, and pushes on straight ahead in order to become the strongest ninja.

Her manner of speech is masculine, but she has a feminine side as well. She and her rival Asuka mutually raise each other up.

Yomi (voiced by Ai Kayano)

- Birthday: February 10

- Age: 17

- Blood Type: B

- Height: 160cm

- Three-Sizes: B95-W58-H90

- Hobby: Sewing

- Favorite Food: Bean sprouts

A member of the Homura Crimson Squad. She became a runaway ninja together with Homura. Her appearance and speech are cute like that of a little miss, but she leads a life of poverty where she is worried about food everyday.

She used to hold animosity towards rich people, but is coming to recognize that there are exceptions. She loves bean sprouts more than food that is considered more feminine.

Hikage (voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi)

- Birthday: September 9

- Age: 18

- Blood Type: O

- Height: 160cm

- Three-Sizes: B85-W57-H85

- Hobby: None

- Favorite Food: None

A member of the Homura Crimson Squad. She became a runaway ninja along with Homura. She seems to say she doesn’t have emotions, but it appears her interest in emotion has started to well up little by little while in contact with a lot of people.

Like the other members, she leads a life of poverty, but she doesn’t dislike the taste of weed soup.

Mirai (voiced by Saori Goto)

- Birthday: December 28

- Age: 16

- Blood Type: A

- Height: 150cm

- Three-Sizes: B62-W48-H59

- Hobby: Internet

- Favorite Food: Stew

A member of the Homura Crimson Squad who became a runaway ninja together with Homura. After becoming a runaway ninja she had to live a live of poverty and think about how she can earn money someway or another.

She acts like an adult, but can’t escape her childish figure and personality, including her undeveloped chest that she especially cares about.

Haruka (voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi)

- Birthday: July 20

- Age: 18

- Blood Type: AB

- Height: 169cm

- Three-Sizes: B99-W55-H88

- Hobby: Doll-making

- Favorite Food: Dried kelp

A member of the Homura Crimson Squad, who became a runaway ninja together with Homura. From her appearance, speech, and conduct she has the spirit of a queen by nature, but she is like a mother to the other Homura Crimson Squad members.

Her hobbies include making suspicious chemicals, which have nothing but every strange and bad effect. Sometimes she demonstrates her sadist feelings towards her Homura Crimson Squad teammates as well.

The Guns

We previously reported on a wide array of weaponry available in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash. This latest update has yielded even more additions to their aquatic arsenal. The included weapon descriptions have also been translated by Gematsu.

Sniper Rifle

Shoots a long-range water laser. Consumes a lot of the water gauge, but the water laser possesses the powerful ability to penetrate your opponent.

Single Hand Gun

Twin Hand Gun

Single shot water pistols so you can fire two shots at once. The amount of the water gauge consumed while shooting is low, and even if you don’t have any of the water gauge left, the power doesn’t decrease much. Auto-aim has a wide range.

Shower Gun

A water gun that sprays water as a mist. You can continually shoot and cause constant damage, but the range is extremely short.

Spray Gun

A weapon that continually shoots water as you hold the trigger. Damage will continually be inflicted but it consumes a lot of the water gauge.

Other attacks and mechanics

In addition to guns, Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash will also be host to melee attacks. These short-ranged attacks are not water-based. It will be difficult hit an opponent with one, but if managed, they will push an opponent back and cause heavy damage.

Another newly-announced feature is the use of cards. Cards add skills and other useful features which will allow you to customize your character’s loadout, a la Call of Duty. There are three types of card: skill, companion, and weapon. Skill cards can do things like heal allies, or weaken enemies. Companion cards are used to summon companions. They will fight by your side, and offer additional firepower or evasive abilities.

In total, there are 810 different characters. You can collect them by completing challenges or purchasing them from the in-game store. Each one is adorned with art and carries a rarity ranking: N, R, SR, SSR, and UR. Cards ranked SR and above have a voice over associated with them. You will also have the ability to increase the cards’ levels.

The Maps

There have also been a few map screenshots released. In my opinion, the maps in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash evoke a similar feeling to the maps from Splatoon. This is by no means a bad thing, just an observation. Check them out below:

Now that you have this huge update, let me reiterate some old news. Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is still slated for release in Japan on March 16th, 2017 for the PS4. You can browse the official website for more screenshots and details.

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