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Zone Has Made XXXtreme Ghostbusters Free to the Public

Zone has released the highly anticipated XXX parody, XXXtreme Ghostbusters for free to the public

If you’ve been following Zone, you’ll be aware that there has been a steady stream of teases for the XXXtreme Ghostbusters porn parody. On December 6, Zone Archive subscribers were finally treated to the final work, and it was wonderful. The problem is, you had to be a paid subscriber to watch it. Everything changed on Christmas, and lewd fans couldn’t be happier.

On Christmas day, Zone posted XXXtreme Ghostbusters on NewGrounds. Finally, the supernatural sex fest can be enjoyed by the public — talk about an awesome Christmas present. To add to that, Shadman was also granted permission to post the video on his site. Now all who are interested have two free ways to see it. Check out the trailer below:

The animation is a whopping 16 minutes long, and if it wasn’t for the gratuitous amounts of hardcore porn, you’d swear this was a canon episode of Extreme Ghostbusters. In it, you’ll get to watch as Kylie gets passed from ghost to ghoul, in an insanely epic gangbang.

XXXtreme Ghostbusters - ballgag

Zone is also offering a special edition for this animation, the details of which are as follows:

Kylie Griffin from the Extreme Ghostbusters gets grabbed by the ghoulies and they cover her in ectoplasm for 15 minutes.

Please help to support me by getting the complete Special Edition at which includes:

  • – a 1080p super high bitrate version
  • – a ‘VHS-quality’ version for that authentic, 90’s feel
  • – a printable VHS-case inlay
  • – a VHS-cassette label
  • – a movie poster
  • – high-quality versions of both trailers
  • – high-resolution art from the animation
  • – 2 wallpapers at 5k resolution
  • – the Extreme Ghostbusters font that I recreated for the titles.

Out of respect, we won’t host the video here on LewdGamer, but you can check it out on NewGrounds and Shadbase. For those out there with low bandwidth for streaming, this video has also been made downloadable, which is extremely generous. If you want to check out more from Zone, head over to Zone Archive.

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  • vmiki88

    Wow, great Christmas present. :p

  • So…what was the point of paying the Archive of he just released it for free anyway?

    • vmiki88

      Because there are so much more sexy shit besides this.

  • FALprofessional

    Zone FTW. Love those guys.

  • ProxyDoug

    Turns out, it is actually pretty good, and by that I mean, very entertaining beyond the lewd aspect.

  • Fun Fun

    Flip City from Ghostbusters 2, fucking awesome. The trickster ghost from the tv show, great call back. Pretty much every ghost from the shows legite1998 website is getting down on that action. Just so unbelievable. Best parody I’ve seen.