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Seismic released a free Liru animation as a gift this holiday season, Liru Christmas. Have a holiday quickie with this adorable wolf girl.

Seismic tweeted out a nice treat for fans today — a free, interactive adult Flash movie starring that adorable wolf girl, Liru. If you’re feeling lonely this holiday, Liru invites you to join her for a romantic fried chicken dinner. If fried chicken isn’t your thing, Liru has a special gift waiting for you. See just how special that gift is in Liru Christmas.

If you’re not familiar, Liru is a wolf girl who first appeared in the anime Magical Pokaan. Since then, she has also starred in the hentai parody, Wolf girl with you.Liru Christmas is an additional, standalone scenario. Sometime in the future, Liru Christmas will be added to Wolf girl with you, but right now, you can enjoy it free. Hurry, the file will not execute once 2016 ends.

What we have here is a mini Flash movie with varying sequences. Liru invites you to her home for a nice Christmas dinner and dessert. You choices will alter the position in which you get to enjoy Liru. While it’s pretty short, the animation is the same excellent quality that you get from the full version of Wolf girl with you. Liru is fully voiced in Japanese, and the subtitles can be toggled between English and Japanese. As an added bonus, Liru even sings to you. Again, don’t wait to download this if you’re interested. You only have about five days lef

Follow this link to download Liru Christmas. You can check out the full game on DLsite.

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