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Pre-orders have opened up for Da Capo 3 R. While there is an all-ages version coming to Steam, pre-orders are currently only available for the adult version on MangaGamer.

The long awaited, final installment of the Da Capo series is coming our way very soon. Next month, on January 20th, Da Capo 3 R (D.C.III R) will be available on MangaGamer and Steam. Although this is may be the final entry in the Da Capo series, MangaGamer assures us that newcomers will be able to enjoy it as well.

The tale you’ve long waited for… is here.

As the eldest son of the Katsuragi Family – one of the leading families of mages in Japan – Kiyotaka travels across the ocean to London with his little sister, Himeno, in order to study abroad at Royal London Magic Academy, also known as Weather Vane.

A sprawling underground academic city awaits Kiyotaka and Himeno as they set foot for the first time in the fog-covered city of London.

The academic city is situated in an underground lake and is composed of three floating islands in the shape of a crescent moon.

Many fledgling mages from around the world congregate here to study their craft in an optimum environment.

Kiyotaka begins to feel at ease in his new environment, and soon enough the siblings are merrily hanging out with their new friends at school.

Experiencing ordinary days, repeating like a da capo, as if they were a dream…

A tale of encounters and farewells, and the story of how it all began.

With this being a new volume in the series, Da Capo 3 R features all new characters. This tale of magic and mystery is over 80 hours long, so you will have plenty of time to get familiar with the new cast.

Hinomoto Aoi A 1st year, and Kiyotaka’s underclassman. Aoi is the type whose bright smile never falters, but due to her frail body she becomes sick if she overdoes it. She’s a dedicated worker with multiple part-time jobs, and refuses to give up despite her body’s limitations. People say she’s like a puppy wagging her tail when she follows after Kiyotaka. “I’m an only child, so I’ve always wanted an older brother. So please, could you be that?!”

Height: 153cm Weight: 47kg B-W-H: 83-56-86 Blood Type: O Hobbies: Working Favorite Foods: Big, cheap meals Dislikes: Small, expensive meals Affiliation: Kazami Academy Affiliated Campus Class 1-3, Newspaper Club

Yoshino Charles Yoshino is one year older that Kiyotaka and currently lives with him in the same apartment. She dotes on Kiyotaka and is very touchy-feely, so sometimes Kiyotaka has difficulty responding. What she really wants is to care for Kiyotaka, but her cooking is…

Her father was very particular about her name, “Charles,” – even though it is masculine she seems to be quite fond of it.

“Hey, hey, Taka-kun, did you know? Cousins can marry each other! Alright, I’m going to do my best!”

Height: 161cm Weight: 52kg B-W-H: 86-57-88 Blood Type: A Favorite Food: She’ll eat anything Dislikes: She’ll eat anything Affiliation: Kazami Academy Affiliated Campus Class 3-2, Newspaper Club

Katsuragi Himeno

Himeno is one of Kiyotaka’s childhood friends and grew up living in the apartment next door. Since he’s been under the care of the Katsuragi family since he was little, the two of them are practically siblings.

After becoming aware of each other as members of the opposite sex, she couldn’t be honest with him and now she tends to say the opposite of what she’s thinking.

She’s great at all domestic affairs and is particularly good at cooking.

“I just happened to make too many sides for dinner, that’s all. I only brought them over because it would be a waste to throw them out.”

Height: 155cm Weight: 45kg B-W-H: 75-55-77 Blood Type: B Favorite Food: Soba Dislikes: Delicacies Affiliation: Kazami Academy Affiliated Campus, Class 2-1, Newspaper Club

Morizono Ricca

Ricca is known as the idol of the school due to her outstanding looks and friendly personality. She’s also the president of the “Official” Newspaper Club Kiyotaka belongs to.

She’s direct once she sets her mind to something, and after falling for Kiyotaka at first sight, she takes a slightly unusual approach, telling him, “You and I were lovers in our past lives. We’re destined to be together.”

Ricca clashes with Suginami – from the Unofficial Newspaper Club – like oil and water.

“Uh-huh, your mind, body, and compatibility are perfect! No wonder we were lovers in our past lives♪”

Height: 162cm Weight: 48kg B-W-H: 80-53-80 Blood Type: O Favorite Food: Japanese Sweets Dislikes: Spicy Food Affiliation: Kazami Academy Affiliated Campus, Class 3-2, Newspaper Club President

Rukawa Sara

Sara is s a younger girl who skipped a few grades and advanced into Kiyotaka’s class. She has an earnest personality and is a bit stubborn, too. Unfortunately, her hard-working attitude and personality at times drives people to avoid her.

She’s smart enough to skip grades, but she’s not very good at socializing. She’s also a bit childish and snaps when people tease her.

“It’s not like I hate you, Sempai. I just wish you would be a bit more serious, that’s all.”

Height: 148cm Weight: 43kg B-W-H: 71-52-73 Blood Type: AB Hobbies: Collecting Stuffed Animals (She hides the fact from other people) Favorite Foods: Pudding, Tea Dislikes: Coffee (She doesn’t like the bitterness), Citrus Fruits (She doesn’t like the sourness) Affiliation: Kazami Academy Affiliated Campus Class 2-1, Newspaper Club

There will be two versions of Da Capo 3 R. Steam will house the all ages version for $39.95, while the adult version will be on MangaGamer for $44.95; additionally, a pre-order discount is being offered for the adult version. That will bring the price down to $38.20. Both versions support PC, Mac, and Linux. You can find more additional details on the official website.

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