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New J-list pre-order: Kila Kushan 1/4.5 Figure — Kangoku Senkan 3

J-list now has a Kila Kushan 1/4.5 figure available for pre-order. Kila, sexy co-star of Kangoku Senkan 3, is available in standard and junpaku versions.

J-list recently unveiled another ecchi figure for pre-order. Well technically, they unveiled two new figures. Fans of the hentai studio Pixy will be thrilled to hear about the existence of a Kila Kushan 1/4.5 figure. This big-boobed, brown skinned, blonde beauty comes to us in not one, but two stunning versions.


Now, if you’re familiar with the Kangoku Senkan series by having read the visual novel, watched the hentai animation, or even just happened upon a fan-made doujin, then you’ll know what the hype is about. As with all Pixy products, Kangoku Senkan features some exceptionally hardcore scenes. Thanks to Q-six, we now have a physical memento from this sexy sci-fi series.

J-list describes the standard figure as follows:

From the popular erotic visual novel Kangoku Senkan 3 comes this super sexy 1/4.5 scale figure of Kila Kushan. She is shown wearing nothing but her underwear. She looks extremely confident with her body and seems to enjoy showing it off. A nice new item for your bishoujo figure collection. By Q-Six. This is the regular version.

The Kila Kushan 1/4.5 figure stands at an impressive 34cm (13.4in) in height. The standard version has Kila in the red and black underwear that she wore in the visual novel. If you’re looking for more purity in your figures, you can go with the junpaku version. In this form, Kila is wearing pink and white undergarments. She’s also got an embarrassed expression on her face, because she’s definitely not “that kind of girl.” Despite which one you get, these figures are sadly not of the “cast-off” type, but it’s no big deal since she is already practically naked.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order from J-list now. The Kila Kushan 1/4.5 figure, both the standard and junpaku versions, will run you $170, but you can save 10% by pre-ordering early. This figure is set to release in May 2017.

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  • creep

    so are these things like the size of a hand or what ?

    • John Smith

      1/4 scale figures are fairly large, the article says 34cm so you can guess how large it is.

    • 44KPanda

      This thing is over a foot tall.

  • joemesh

    How the hell is a figure based on a hentai not a cast-off? I have cast-off figures for characters that never appeared nude, but this one isn’t?

    • 44KPanda

      That figure is a different version. She’s like the little baby model to this one, standing at 1/6 scale. If this larger version really is a cast off, they failed to mention that on the product page, but it’s also not categorized with the rest of the cast-off figures either, so I think this version is different.

      Okay… some additional research shows me this:
      It’s claiming to be the bigger model AND a cast off figure… grrr I’m not really sure. What I can say is that the sites which are actually selling the figure do not classify it as cast-off, nor do they show naked pictures of her. I think they may just be confused, but I will try to reach out and get clarification.