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[UPDATED] Investigating Nutaku's Censorship of Brave Girl Ravens

A few months ago, I  traveled to Montreal to visist Nutaku’s Head Quarters as a link of direct communication for both the fans of LG and the western hentai community as whole.  This event was in order to solve issues such as transparency and get answers for censorship issues.

[UPDATE 12/13/16] A new post on the previously cited VNDB thread has brought to light news that a new girl has been released on BGR featuring the same “breast enhancement” changes that were done to six other girls at the release of the game. Here is the original and the alteration of the new character:

In addition to yet another altered character being added to the roster, the poster also states that to their knowledge, the previous altered girls have not been restored to their original states. This, however, has not been 100% verified. [/UPDATE]

Nutaku has been known to make changes to the art as a means to “localize” it for the west. Even with me finding out that credit card companies and processors make it particularly difficult when it comes to adult content, we came to a solution by Nutaku making attempts to improve their transparency if this ever came to be a problem again.

Having made that point clear, it came to my surprise when I got a lead on a particular thread on VNDB in regards to Nutaku making (yet again) changes to another game, now with additional irritation due to the promises made in our previous talks.

The game in question is Nutaku’s latest free-to-play title, Brave Girl Ravens. Here is an example of the changes:

This was of course upsetting and I immediately went to Nutaku for answers. Thankfully, they were swift to reply back to me when I looked into the matter.

“The edited art, though skillfully put together by the Japanese team, was the result of a review performed by a third-party compliance officer operating on outdated guidelines.”

“We’ve heard the reaction of the community and will encourage the developers to return the six affected characters to their original form.”

It’s relieving to see that this was another mistake on their part; however, considering their previous reputation (even with signs of improvement), it’s imperative for Nutaku to make sure these slip-ups don’t happen. Hopefully Nutaku will be more careful to prevent these situations in the future.

We will be keeping a close eye on the company to make sure that they are following through with their promises and policies.

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