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LoveKami -Divinity Stage- Released on Steam

MoeNovel’s original English visual novel, LoveKami -Divinity Stage-, has been released on gaming platform Steam.

Taking an entirely different path from their infamous localization release of If My Heart Had Wings, LoveKami -Divinity Stage- is an ecchi-driven visual novel created specifically for the English market by developer Pulltop. The title, which was announced at the end of November, is loosely related to Pulltop’s visual novel Lovekami. 

LoveKami features an original English script, Japanese voice acting, and animated sprites that appear to run off of the e-mote system, a system that has become a quote popular thanks to the widely known Nekopara series. While the game seems to be rife with ecchi elements and CGs, there appear to be no plans to create or implement 18+ elements into the game at this time.

For your reading pleasure, you will find the game’s promotional video, synopsis, and sample images below.

The Goddesses Descend!

It was a time when people had forgotten their dreams and lost faith. The silhouettes of goddesses revealed themselves to the people who then could only believe in what they saw right in front of them.

The confusion surrounding the countless goddesses appearing in Japan could be explained due to Amaterasu Okami wanting to teach the goddesses about the human world.

All of this brought about the implementation of the Divine Education Act. A year passed and the numerous goddesses and humans got to learn about each other, got to know one another, and came to a mutual understanding.

The subculture holy land and heart of Divine Idol culture, known as Akihabara, housed the seven lucky goddesses that dominated as idols in L☆SEVEN.

Next Generation Goddess Auditions! Divine Idol chicks, go on to spread your wings! A glamorous and splendid contest, what a goddess’s dreams are made of, is being held.

Laugh, grow, and even cry with the goddesses who descended from the sky and are aiming to become top level idols.

You can purchase LoveKami -Divinity Stage- on Steam here for $11.69.

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