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TwerkingButt - PornHub Announcement

Yes its exactly what you think it is.

Another step in technological advancement has recently been unveiled. A statement from adult video provider Pornhub has revealed TwerkingButt, which can be called, for lack of a better word, a twerking robot butt.

This new invention utilizes Cyberskin technology, a brand-name of a soft elastomer material that is intended to emulate the feel of human skin. The TwerkingButt tries to provide a massaging and insertion experience to the user alongside a twerking function that attempts to draw their gaze. All of these features can be controlled by an added remote or by utilizing mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets; which are exclusively reserved for Android or iOS users. The most noticeable option, however, is the ability to adjust temperature. This temperature can be set to a maximum of 98.6° F (37° C) to simulate the warmth of a human body.

This focus on simulating real intercourse is accentuated even further with a VR Headset, a 3D visual aid that is included in the purchase of every TwerkingButt. As of now, no statement has been given about the different kinds of scenarios that will be made available with the appliance.

Pornhub has made two models available for purchase, with one distinction between the two: the first model is the Classic version and offers every option stated except the patented twerking feature, which is reserved for the Deluxe version. The Classic version can be bought for a price of $699, while the Deluxe version is available for $799.

Interested buyers can visit Pornhub’s official TwerkingButt site for reference, as both fall under a temporary launch discount in the interest of advertisement purposes.

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