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As it would turn out, there are as many fetishes out there as there are kinds of people, and one title happens to try to fill as many niches as can fit within its setting. If you’ve some free time, some imagination, and an open mind, then ponder for a moment the possibility of playing Corruption of Champions, a free Flash-based text adventure RPG of the most perverse sort. Developed by Fenoxo and filled with community contributions, it is a title that can truly be described as a labor of love.

First released to the public in a playable form in 2011, Corruption of Champions has grown immensely, starting as a barely playable alpha to a monumental work of erotic fiction. The title is playable in your browser at and is also available in a packaged form for Android and iOS, as well as in an offline format. The current release is a bug fix focused patch, and while not a 1.0 release just yet, it’s definitely worth your time if you’ve even a passing interest in smut.

Corruption of Champions, being a text adventure game based in flash, is not heavy on assets and will likely load immediately on any modern internet connection. For a newcomer, it would be wise to click on the button labelled “Instructions” before starting, as it has an explanation of the basic flow of the game, as well as a list of handy hotkeys that could very well be essential if you’re not ambidextrous, and the prose has grown to be a bit much for you to resist.

Upon selecting New Game, you will be greeted with a fairly standard RPG customization screen, including options to customize your name, body type and hair. The player is then offered a choice of traits first related to their body, then related to their personal history. Some are quit normal, while others are distinctly lewd, such as Huge Cock or Fertile, or specializing in Slutting or Whoring. Then again, this is LewdGamer, so maybe the other options are the ones that are abnormal.

With the player’s form decided upon, they are dropped into the game with a summary of their history and their goal: To become a champion and enter the cursed Demon Realm to bring order to your land. The cliché doesn’t matter much since the game makes it clear almost immediately that this is an adventure into the depths of the immodest and lecherous. The actual stories of the game take place in the form of the player’s exploration, interactions with the world, and more intimately, with the people of various shapes, sizes and forms that they are to come across.

In terms of graphical presentation in Corruption of Champions, there isn’t much to see. Each character, monster and many of the events that you will come across in your travels are represented by some charming pixel art in the bottom left of the screen. If erotic fiction doesn’t paint a very clear picture for you, then this title may not be for you. Given that you’re here on LewdGamer though, its probably a safe bet to say that that the slightest stimulus can set your mind ablaze in perverse and obscene imagery.

The interface is fairly simple. The player is provided with several buttons with clear labels regarding the actions or submenus they open, many of which respond to hotkeys. There is no tutorial beyond the previously mentioned instruction set, but the way the interface is presented makes one largely unnecessary. It’s intuitive and lets a player drop right into the story, which is ultimately what matters for a text game.

As a game, Corruption of Champions follows fairly standard turn-based RPG mechanics: enter field, get into a random encounter, proceed to kick shins back and forth until one of you falls to your knees. A classic grind if there ever was one. Rest assured, though, the word grind will take on its other meaning in a hurry. With every action taken in battle, the flavor text grows increasingly lewd as the player character’s Lust grows, and the opponents begin to release different potentially obscene attacks. Losing a battle can occur if the player loses all of their HP, or if their Lust maxes out. Of course, because the punishment for losing is being mugged of your gems, generally followed by being raped, maybe that’s exactly what you may decide is best anyway. Some enemies implement a struggle for freedom system reminiscent of many other titles, with each turn ratcheting up your fatigue, lust and draining your HP as lovely text details your every effort to escape.

That said, rape also happens if you win, given there’s an option to have your way with the victim of your beat down, be it consensual or otherwise. Each enemy in the game has a variety of sex scenes based upon whether you are the submissive little slut or the sex-crazed dom of the situation. Consensual or not, though, having sex has impacts on stats and upon the player’s body. Whether it involves becoming pregnant, filled with eggs, or being corrupted into something else altogether, if you read something happen, it probably is now reflected in your stat sheet. Often, a scene in relation to that change is just around the corner. Sometimes, the changes in the stats reflect fairly accurately the player’s state of mind; an example is losing Intelligence after being fucked silly, only to gain it back after having had the experience of releasing what was left within you. Little touches like this are a treat to keep an eye out for.

As with any RPG, victory in battle grants XP for leveling up and money for buying things, giving the player an ever-increasing array of options and potential power to overcome new challenges. There is a variety of perks to attain in Corruption of Champions, and with new perks and items comes new options for sex scenes. Buying a dildo from a wandering merchant gives you something new to masturbate with, but also something new to use on your victims after a successful scuffle, as an example.

When not engaged in acts of wanton and sexual violence, the game is about exploration and item management; Oh goodness, is the item management side of the game fun. Because of limited inventory space, often you will either have to decide to use an item to make room for a new one, or pass out on something potentially interesting. This is an annoyance in many games, but in Corruption of Champions, it’s a wonderful opportunity. Most of the consumables have some effect on the player character’s body, with examples including changes in height, monster features, obtaining a cock or two, and maybe turning into goo. The list is incredibly long, and within 30 minutes of play it is quite easy to disfigure yourself beyond anything resembling a human. General RPG fare is to be found here too, with weapons, armor and sexy outfits to be had, and new heights of power to be attained.

There are many characters to encounter within Corruption of Champions, and a good portion of them can be recruited once you’ve built up affection with them (often through fucking). Some become lovers, some followers, and others proper adoring sex slaves. Each character has a delightful personality, and there are some genuinely heart-warming moments with a few. Alternatively, you may meet someone who immediately calls you their master. That’s pretty cute too. Just as with the enemies, there’s enough variety in the characters that can be interacted with to assuredly tease the needs of just about any pervert, be they seasoned or still blossoming. Better still, it doesn’t matter what sex the player is, as there is love of all sorts to be found and made.

The variety of enemies, sex acts and fetishes that Corruption of Champions encompasses should leave no one wanting for their particular niche. Much of the writing is informed by various monster girl canons, alternative hentai scenarios and of course demihuman fiction, so anyone with an interest in such things will immediately at home. Detailed descriptions of the action and of every entity and event within the setting help to bring a truly depraved world to life with each and every encounter. There are so many things that can be said about Corruption of Champions; far more than any LewdLook could reasonably represent. It’s filthy, shameless, and best of all, free to play on today. Give it a try, and you might just find a new fetish or two amidst the wonderful weirdness.

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