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Future Fragments Updates Its Enemy List!

Future Fragments, the sci-fi platformer inspired by Capcom’s Megaman X series has received a rather large update, regarding enemies and traps within the game.

According to the game’s mouthpiece—HentaiWriter, a list of Patron pledge requests have been noted in respect to the enemies, fetishes, animations and further categories. Up to two types of traps per area have been added. The traps will vary from being environmentally based—like a pit filled with tentacles, to others like a plant that hits the player with an aphrodisiac area of effect mist. At the same time, some areas may have only one or even no traps present.

The reason the developers have chosen up to two is to allow buffers for the Patreon Patron requests. If the pledge request rate remains at the same that it currently is, it will effectively add another 10 slots to the fetishes and animations. If the opposite situation should occur and the request rate drops lower than it is currently—leaving too much space remaining for standard enemies, then the developers will be creating their own original ones. An example of ones they have previously developed would be all the fire enemies currently in the game.

All traps within the request list will only have one sexual animation tied to it, and it will be a clothed one. The characters also won’t be walking around or shooting during the requested animation. This is to ensure the request will work properly for the “animation” and “fetish” Patreon pledge tiers—$100 and $50 respectively.

There are still available pledge slots for each tier, and this comprehensive list shows what has already been chosen—already chosen fetishes can be re-chosen, but must bare some sort of unique, original twist in order to be included. The list is as follows and as of March 9 there are currently 39 fetish/animation slots and 21 enemy slots left.

Fetishes/Animations already requested:

  •     Fingering pussy
  •     Missionary sex position
  •     Cunnilingus
  •     Titjob
  •     Lactation
  •     Cowgirl sex position
  •     Hypnosis
  •     Masturbation/clit rubbing
  •     Double Penetration
  •     Flying sex
  •     Corruption
  •     Restrained
  •     Scissoring
  •     Held upside down
  •     Self-fondling breasts
  •     Doggystyle sex position
  •     Stomach bulge
  •     Large penetration
  •     Anal
  •     Breastpump milking
  •     Being lifted into the air by way of penetration
  •     Distress
  •     Mindbreak
  •     Aphrodisiac love potion
  •     Tentacle sex
  •     Tentacle bondage
  •     Cumflation
  •     Bukkake
  •     Standing sex
  •     Gangbang

Full Enemy Tier: 8 of these will be for traps. Enemy slots for respective areas:

  •   FIRE: 2 Traps
  •    ICE: 2 Traps + Boss
  •    ELECTRIC: 3 Enemies + 1 Trap + Boss
  •    EARTH: 3 Enemies + 1 Trap + Boss
  •    THE END: 3 Enemies + 2 Traps + Boss

Anyone who is interested in trying out the alpha demo of this exciting hentai platformer in development can download it from the HentaiWriter Blog and give it a try. The demo is in very early stages currently, so be aware of that fact. As always, thanks for reading. If you have any questions or just like what we’re doing with the site, let us know on Twitter.

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