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I, like many others, can be a little bit of a collectible whore when it is a feature addressed in video games. My lust for collecting items, people, or what have you only flares when the targets aren’t nigh impossible to obtain. As an example, I won’t attempt to gather every damn Pokémon in existence. I won’t. It’s practically unfeasible to complete such a task legitimately. On the other hand, I enjoy the process of collecting items in games like Demon Master Chris, a dungeon crawling, turn-based RPG that places heavy emphasis on the collection of monster girls.

Demon Master Chris, developed by Nyaatrap and published by MangaGamer, stars a young blonde conjurer (someone who is able to summon creatures from another world) who has wound up in the position of “pet” in the demon realm after failing to complete a powerful summoning ritual. Falling from a witch of status to slave, set to do the bidding of her master, is a tad embarrassing. Throughout the course of her adventure in returning to the human world, she plows through her tasks, often succumbing to not only traps but also to the playful urges of her owner, Anna.

Before delving into the gameplay, sound, and whatnot, first things first — there’s an issue regarding compatibility upon opening the game. If you’re playing Demon Master Chris on Windows 10, then be prepared to possibly shake hands with some nasty crashes. Upon initial boot, Demon Master Chris can completely lock up and freeze your PC. Fortunately, there is a workaround. All you need to do is to run the title in backwards compatibility mode, i.e. Windows 8. Et voila, issue resolved.

Being fucked by slime is just one of the many fantasies Demon Master Chris offers.

Now that the possible roadblock is out of the way, it’s time to delve into the gameplay. The experience is what one would expect when playing a first-person, turn-based RPG — you have your list of attacks, which varies with whoever is in your party, Chris’s outfits, and/or whether or not you’ve used an ability book. Unfortunately, you cannot use items in the middle of a fray, which adds a slight amount of challenge to the frequently-occurring battles you’re thrust into.

In all honesty, the somewhat harsh difficulty and leaps in level are actually dressed up in nothing but patience. To clarify, you’ll need to grind like a madman in order to reach a level suitable to tackling the boss (hint: you can typically defeat a boss if you’re under by one or two levels). You’ll need to resort to trekking back and forth in a dungeon, praying that a monster girl will lust after you, just so you can gain the experience points necessary to level up.

In other words, get used to the auto-battle function, because that will become your faithful slut — whether you like it or not. If you’re none too keen on excessive grinding, you can always play the game on easy mode for quicker experience points, but you’re forfeiting any opportunity of reaching the True Ending — which forces you to undergo an intense grindfest, but the path’s ending is absolutely worth it.

Capturing girls is absolutely satisfying in Demon Master Chris. {.align-center}

Moving on from the grindy aspect of the title, one of your major goals in Demon Master Chris, besides progressing through the dungeons and the plot, is to “Strip ’em Down” and capture the monsters you encounter. And yes, all enemies you encounter are indeed monster girls. No exceptions. There are a couple of criteria you’ll need to fulfill in order to obtain these lovely ladies:

  • 1) You need to inflict critical hits on these girls. Two, to be specific. The first critical tatters their clothing, whereas the second critical rips their clothes straight off, exposing their bare flesh. Only then are these girls ripe for capturing.
  • 2) You cannot be of a lower level in comparison to your enemies. If you’re level 17 and the target is level 19, then too bad, so sad, tough shit. Only when you’re level 19 will your victim be willing to accept her bonded fate.

Attempting to strip these girls down and capture them has been the highest priority for me. Every time I ventured into a dungeon, I refused to complete said dungeon until I wrangled in every girl. Not that it is too difficult to accomplish as the enemies are somewhat easy to obtain. Plus, it is required to capture every girl in order to unlock the True Ending.

What else can be encountered in dungeons are your typical chests, which may be sometimes booby-trapped with… well-endowed, chocolate-covered girls who want nothing more than to inflict pleasure upon you. Yet, at other times, they do yield a mother lode of currency, scrolls, and what have you.

What also can be encountered are vivid cutscenes of Chris encountering an array of enemies who utilize one tactic or another to not only cause the protagonist to fall to her knees, but also to fulfill their own desires. For example, the first encounter in a dungeon involves a rape scene with a slime. These happenstances transform Chris’s physical composition in various ways. Werewolf shifting, anyone?

Lots of fingering happening in this game.

However, masturbation sessions can be cut short for those who are engaged with Demon Master Chris due to the lackluster UI and the frustrating controls. For one, the UI certainly needs polishing and full controller support. One of my greatest gripes regarding the UI involves selecting items at the shop. With a keyboard, the UI is alright to navigate through, but when a controller is involved and when the offerings of the shop become extensive, scrolling down a certain point becomes impossible.

The UI also becomes absolutely grating when venturing in a dungeon. The controls are situated together as part of a UI, which happens to be large and in the center of your screen at all times. It tears the character away from the aesthetic experience (though there hasn’t exactly been much of one in dungeons anyway).

Generally speaking, I prefer the controller when going through any dungeon in this game, which brings me to my next complaint: the controls. I merely scoff at the official description, which states that the controls are simple.

The dungeon-crawling in this game isn’t exactly terrible, but damn, does there need to be more tile variety.

Bluntly stated, the controls are in desperate need improvement. In any dungeon, you can take advantage of one of three control schemes: the in-your-face UI and your mouse, your keyboard, or your controller — perhaps a combination of all three. Again, my preference lies in both the controller and mouse, due to the fact that the controls are needlessly complicated when navigating just about anything. Compare the scheme to fingering a woman: simple and effective is key, but when a partner complicates matters, becoming too aggressive or going against the flow, then the recipient becomes rather uncomfortable and — in a worst case scenario — annoyed and pissed off.

In the case of Demon Master Chris, grinding and controlling the protagonist is that uncomfortable of an experience. When traveling up and down in your grinding escapades, for instance, you should be able to press up, up, up, up, then down, down, down, and down, rinse and repeat until you encounter a monster. Instead, in Demon Master Chris, you’re pressing up, up, up, up, then down, followed immediately by up, up, up, and up just to move forward and progress. Frustrating is one way to describe the movements — it takes a little bit of adaptation from your usual control scheme to conquer this title.

Though, for all the complaints I have regarding the UI and controls, the game absolutely shines in characterization and the artwork, though I wish the same could be said about the dungeon design. Ah, the dungeons — how I ache for diversity in them. The dungeons appear to be heavily uninspired, utilizing the same music, same walls, same everything for every environment. In fact, dungeon romping grows exceedingly dull when you’re in a grinding state. New tiles, environments, music, something should have been injected into the dungeons as a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of music, let’s talk sound design. The sound design is nothing too grating, but not exactly memorable or outstanding. Most of the music simply exists — there are a couple of tracks that stick out like sore thumbs — and the sound effects may come off a little muffled. It doesn’t help that the dungeons reuse the same venturing track time and time again.

For undead hands, they don’t really look undead…

What shines are the character models that lurk within the dungeons, the bar, and the shop. They’re quite vivid, full of expression, and beautifully match their personalities, which are well written. The sexual content isn’t exactly heavy, but enough exists to stir your loins. If you’re a fan of BDSM, yuri, and slime-penetration, then you’ll be happy to know these topics exist in Demon Master Chris. Unfortunately, don’t expect any sultry sounds to oil your gears. Instead, you’ll have to rely on the forces of your imagination.

Admittedly, the gameplay is in need of some major improvements and the controls need to be smoothed out, but what pushes Demon Master Chris into playable territory are the gorgeous character models and gestures, the chemistry-infused characterization, and the ability to collect monster girls. It’s worth a look for those aspects alone. If interested, you can head on over to Nutaku to purchase the title.

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  • Vivid, gestural artwork that emphasizes sexiness
  • Strong characterization among NPCs and protagonist


  • Slightly obnoxious control scheme
  • Generic dungeons with hardly any variation
  • Normal and hard modes strongly encourage incredibly lengthy grinding
  • Very few songs in soundtrack
  • Story
  • Art and Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Sound
  • Replay Value


- If you are a fan of collecting and excessive grinding and don't mind the bland and repetitive dungeon environments, then you may want to give Demon Master Chris a shot. Otherwise, it's best to pass on this one.

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