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Alluna and Brie and the Tentacle Menace Is Now on Kickstarter and Greenlight

Austrailian Developer Lached Up Games have started on their second game, Alluna and Brie and the Tentacle Menace, having recently submitted it to Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.

After the release and relative success of their previous game, Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale, Lached Up Games have put up a Steam Greenlight and a Kickstarter page for their newest game, Alluna and Brie and the Tentacle Menace. This is to be a direct sequel and features many of the same characters.

Alluna and Brie and the Tentacle Menace is being showcased as a life-sim/RPG with dating elements, and a “spikers style” sports mini game. There will be enemies facing off against the heroines, and they will be different styles of monster girls such as crabs, centaurs, succubi, and butterfly-girls. The combat will be turn based and run on an engine made in Unity. These girls won’t be quiet during battle either, as the RPG battles will feature voice acting.

As of this writing, the only video showing game play is a pre-alpha video of the RPG combat mechanics. The video may not be fully representative of the final product, but nevertheless it can be seen here:

Axon City is being invaded by a horde of rampaging monster girls! The seal between worlds has been broken, and it’s up to Alluna and Brie to save the city from the unrelenting tentacle menace! Alluna is a warrior blessed with the power of the moon, but her partner Brie’s only magical gift is the ability to summon cheese sandwiches! Do these two misfits stand any chance of saving the day, or is Axon City doomed to a gropey tentacle fate?!?

Alluna and Brie is a Life Sim/RPG hybrid set across four epic chapters. You play as Brie, and you’ll make decisions about what she does every day, whether it be hanging out with friends, working at a part time job or levelling up in the magical realm fighting monster girls! There’s even a fully playable stat-based sport called Mermaid Spikers, and every party member plays a different position on the team. Spending time with friends unlocks combat bonuses, new Mermaid Spikers techniques and special friend events, so you’ll have to manage your time effectively if you want to save the world! Even more so if you want to find the hidden romance scenes!

Lached Up Games is asking for $30,000 AUD (approximately $22,000 USD) for a successful Kickstarter. The game, if fully funded, is set for release in early 2018. The stretch goals, should they surpass their initial goal, include more places to visit in the town, a yuri love interest for the heroine, and special animations for their mermaid spikers mini-game. If you are interested in donating to their Kickstarter, you can do so here  or you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight . For more information on Lached Up Games, you can visit their website.

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