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Yuri Game Jam Announced along with First Contestant

Yuri, the genre that encompasses all things girl, is having a two-month long game jam beginning September 1st. The intention of the jam, according to their web page, is to create “more games about relationships between women.”

There are only two rules that entrants need follow; one is that the story must be about the relationship between two (or more) women, and that if the story features romance the characters should be implicitly or explicitly queer. So that gives us lesbians and possible threesomes, which sounds like it has potential behind it. Their Tumblr page also states that as long as those two rules are adhered to, nothing is off the table. “Be as kinky or as chaste as you want,” they say, allowing all contestants full creative freedom over their games or visual novels. Demos are also allowed, but the only other stipulation they request is that the entries are created specifically for the game jam. There will be some leeway on a case-by-case basis, but ideally they want to see people creating their own games.

In response to the jam, the first contestant has arisen from its slumber amongst throngs of busty anime girls to give us an overview of their entry. The game is called The Stargazers and is the product of a team called Taosym, a group related to the independent studio Lupiesoft. The game is said to be inspired by 50’s-70’s sci-fi shows, Pulp Fiction, the atom punk genre and more. The story follows a squadron of pilots that lend their name to the title of the game, who travel the Milky Way in order to chart, explore and establish communications between the inner and outer galaxy. Unsurprisingly, the main trio of characters in The Stargazers comprises three girls that come in various shapes and sizes. Which is good news for those who like a little variety in their chest circumference. You can take a look at each of the (short) character bios below to see which one you’d like best.

Squadron Leader “Tem” Goodchild

She dreams of being a career pilot and is a bit of a tomboy, She’s very stern sometimes but cares about her teammates.

Pilot Officer Risty Mello

She seems somewhat distant or anti-social when she’s out of her comfort zone but on the inside she’s very sweet.


Pilot Officer “Vii” Ylvida

Vii is very lackadaisical and is entranced by human culture, obsessing over the simplest things from TV shows, to junk food, and underwear.

The Yuri Game Jam looks like it could be a lot of fun for anyone interested, particularly if you are a fan of girl-on-girl action. There is a forum page full of people looking to find partners to get creating, so if you have the skills to put two girls in bed together it might be worth considering. For those of us who aren’t technically minded or can’t draw a basic shape, the jam still presents an opportunity for new and sexy games to hit the world stage. We will certainly be keeping an eye out for any interesting titles that pop up in regards to this, so keep an eye out for anything that takes your fancy. My only hope is that someone steps up to the plate and gives us a yaoi game jam to get excited over as well.

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