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The new Venture Seas alpha build, version 4.4.0, has been made available by the indie devs over at Virtuous Development.

It’s been quite a while since we last checked back with Switch and Venture Seas, her new title currently in development. Switch has been tweaking all sorts of bits and bobs to do with the tutorial level, sex scenes and combat. The development has been heavily about combat throughout the whole of October.

In the interest of informing any unaware readers, Venture Seas is a game currently in development by Switch — the developer of an unfinished title namedEuphorian Tides — and her group Virtuous Development.Venture Seas will feature roleplaying aspects like dungeon crawling, turn based combat, and conversations/romantic interactions. It looks to be somewhat similar to Euphorian Tide, but with far deeper systems put in place, and of a higher level of quality. Players will command a crew of seafarers as they search for several other pieces of a prized medallion found around their neck.

Firstly, October saw some updated new artwork added for two characters that are in the game. The first one, Tiana, is a rather buxom, caramel colored woman, while Ignacy is a buff, smoking hot wolf-boy. Interactions with Ignacy are very slim currently, but there’s a bit of dialogue with Tiana now.

A November build update improved upon combat further and added new dungeon scenes. There are some bugs present, but nothing major, so the middle-of-the-month update wasn’t needed. Switch also decided that future animations will now have a generic template, before treating fans to an example of a Tiana template. Sadly, the new build update always crashes when initiating sex with Aurelia and only lets you get to zone two of the forest. Still, it gives a good idea of things to come, and shows players the basic gist of the updated combat system, even if the new update has no adult stuff to show off.

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