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Marvelous has revealed the story and character details for their free-to-play social game Valkyrie Drive: Siren.

The mixed media project Valkyrie Drive spans three titles: the PlayStation Vita game Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni, an anime series set to air this fall season, titled Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, and the free-to-play social smartphone card battling game Valkyrie Drive: Siren. The boob creator Kaneko Hiraku (character designer for the Queen’s Blade series) and explosive bust producer Takaki Kenichiro (lead developer of the Senran Kagura series) are heavily involved in this widespread project

Marvelous Entertainment has been slowly but surely releasing new information about the Valkyrie Drive: Siren social game. LewdGamer went ahead and translated the story synopsis and detailed character descriptions from the game’s official webpage. There is a lot of information to take in and even more beautiful girls with colorful personalities to fall in love with, so take your time digesting all of it.


“The girls’ feelings will become their most powerful weapon.”

There exists a man-made island floating in the sea called Siren. Girls that have been infected by a mysterious virus have been isolated there. There are two types of girls; those that have the ability to turn themselves into weapons, the “Exstar”, and girls that wield those weapons, called “Liberators.” The lives of those imprisoned girls are controlled by the powerful governors of Siren, the “Elizaveta.” In response to the Elizaveta’s tyranny, a small band of resistance has formed. However, against the extremely powerful Elizaveta, the upcoming battles will be full of strife and struggle. In the midst of the battle-ravaged Siren, a lone young man is found, with no records of him ever being teleported there. With only the prisoner girls at his side on Siren, that single young man begins to change the face of history…


Kisaragi Setsuna“I’m gonna get off this island! For sure!”

A girl who was born into an ancient family of swordsmanship. She dreamed of becoming a fantastic swordswoman in the future, but became infected with the A-virus and was consequently isolated. Among the resistance, she’s by far the most active, urging anyone that’s hesitating to join in on the effort. Her current objective is to escape the island with her best friend Sasho Urara. She wears her treasured wing barrette that she received from her family when she was only a child.

Age: 16 Birthday: August 6th Blood type: B Height: 170.1 cm Three sizes: Bust 95 cm, Waist 57 cm, Hips 84 cm Breast weight: 2.8 kg Hobbies: Making Eastern sweets (they taste okay, but they look a bit strange) Favorite food: Eastern sweets, and Eastern food in general

Sasho Urara“Let’s go check it out! But make sure you come with me, okay? Ehehe.”

At a mere 150 cm tall she may look like a grade schooler, but Sasho is actually a 16-year-old high school student. She originally had beautiful black hair, but after the shock of her battle and getting infected, it turned silver. She has a calm and gentle personality, but also has a strong sense of curiosity, often sticking her neck into any rumors she finds interesting. Deathly afraid of ghosts, she tries to avoid encountering them at any cost. She can transform into a greatsword.

Age: 16 Birthday: April 25th Blood type: A Height: 150 cm Three sizes: Bust 86 cm, Waist 58 cm, Hips 74 cm Breast weight: 2.6 kg Hobbies: Collecting clothes (particularly frilly ones) Favorite food: Roasted potatoes (preferably baked on hot stones or pebbles)

Azelia Eguna

“Geez, don’t do things so sloppily!”

Azelia is a serious, bespectacled girl who values law and order above all else. Born to a family of scholars, she was originally living with her parents in Berlin, Germany before being isolated after becoming infected. Her breasts are about average size, but she’s happy that her friends hold her in high regard for her fluffy platinum blonde hair.

Age: 15 Birthday: January 22nd Blood type: A Height: 146 cm Three sizes: Bust: 88 cm, Waist 54 cm, Hips 78 cm Breast weight: 2.8 kg Hobbies: Collecting historical texts (specifically Celtic history) Favorite food: Hot dogs

Ariel Fosshu“A lovely bust even a mother would be jealous of.☆”

A girl born to an old and famous family in France. She was raised to represent great feminine virtue, but upon being isolated on Siren, separated from her strict and traditional family, she allowed her stress levels to go down a notch. Thanks to this, she’s much more lively, but her manners are still that of a noble. Her fantastic bust and the golden hair that cascades down to her hips are things she’s very proud of. She can transform into a bladed whip.

Age: 16 Birthday: December 1st Blood type: B Height: 156 cm Three sizes: Bust 98 cm, Waist 60 cm, Hips 88 cm Bust weight: 4.3 kg Hobbies: Nail art, buying various stones Favorite food: Loves anything with lobster (although she hates it when served raw)

Misaki Kotona“Sunny places are the best…funyaa.”

A little girl with a rather immature body. Not even 145 cm tall, her small height matches her flat chest. She talks in a childish manner befitting her looks, but she’s not dumb. That said, she’s definitely clumsy, forcing her to rely on Kanoe in battle. She uses her railgun Exstar to unleash gigantic attacks that contrast heavily with her small frame. Her hair is a glossy pink.

Age: 17 Birthday: November 21st Blood type: B Height: 144 cm Three sizes: Bust 71 cm, Waist 60 cm, Hips 72 cm Breast weight: 0.8 kg Hobbies: Collecting and discarding various items, such as the cute ones she keeps all over in her room Favorite food: Anything sweet, especially chocolate bananas

Kurihara Konoe“Aah! My boobs got in the way again!”

A girl born into a family of ninja. Very physically capable, due to harsh training she has undergone since birth. As a ninja, she prefers calculating and planning rather than a straight up fight. Her combat capabilities in a straightforward fight are lower due to her expert assassin training. Her gigantic breasts constantly get in the way of her ninjutsu, and are a serious concern to her.

Age: 17 Birthday: August 4th Blood type: AB Height: 152 cm Three sizes: Bust 99 cm, Waist 65 cm, Hips 78 cm Breast weight: 3.1 kg Hobbies: Ninjutsu training (very bad at training in narrow places) Favorite food: Any type of sashimi (fresh raw seafood platter)

Kouno Yuria“For you, my beloved, I will become a true knight.”

Half-Japanese and German, she’s very boyish, yet beautiful, which makes her very popular with girls. In actuality, she has quite a few student lovers of the same sex. She has a personality that doesn’t exactly dislike the dirty jokes and sex talk her body voluntarily emits. She was quite happy she could become a Liberator and pair up with a cute girl like Hibiki Haruko and to vow to protect her from any danger.

Age: 18 Birthday: March 31st Blood type: AB Height: 164 cm Three sizes: Bust 81 cm, Waist 59 cm, Hips 68 cm Breast weight: 2.2 kg Hobbies: Acting and theater (essentially, at a professional level) Favorite food: Loves super spicy ramen

Hibiki Haruko“Meh, It’ll work out somehow. Ahaha!”

Originally, her body wasn’t very healthy, but she thinks that having been infected with the virus allows her to lead a more normal life now. Her body still has scars that should have otherwise already undergone treatment for, had she not been isolated on Siren. She doesn’t like others seeing her wounds. She paired up with Yuria because her acting was enjoyable to watch.

Age: 18 Birthday: August 8th Blood type: O Height: 158 cm Three sizes: Bust 86 cm, Waist 64 cm, Hips 79 cm Breast weight: 2.9 kg Hobbies: Cooking (mainly Western cuisine). Skilled at whipping up dishes, and enjoys treating friends to her cooking Favorite food: Any type of udon (thick noodle soup)

Vivian Sinclair“Okay, captain~ Huuuug~!”

A tanned girl with brown hair from Polynesia. She’s extremely air-headed. While she doesn’t intend to, she usually ends up causing trouble and has been labeled a trouble maker. She doesn’t have that much pure attack power to speak of, but the insane abilities of her partner Holidi’s weapon form make up for it. She likes the sea, so when she has time, she’ll go to the beach and just look out onto the horizon.

Age: 20 Birthday: February 13th Blood Type: B Height: 175 cm Three sizes: Bust 98 cm Waist: 71 cm, Hips 86 cm Breast weight: 3.0 kg Hobbies: Swimming (especially good at swimming in the sea) Favorite food: Durian

Holidi Clementi“Noo, don’t stimulate my back!”

A beautiful woman with pastel green hair. Vivian’s childhood friend. For some reason she always worked hard to be one step ahead of Vivian, and is doing the same on Siren after she became infected and isolated. She always wonders why she partnered up with Vivian, but her soft character keeps Holidi from abandoning her.

Age: 20 Birthday: September 20th Blood Type: O Height: 170 cm Three sizes: Bust 88 cm, Waist 72 cm, Hips 86 cm Breast weight: 2.9 kg Hobbies: Collecting stuffed animals Favorite food: Papaya

Melody Appleton“You can just watch my acting skills and cry tears of pure emotion!”

A former child actor that was aiming to make it big in Hollywood and get into serious acting before being infected and confined to Siren. She’s the biggest member of the acting club on Siren, because she doesn’t want her acting skills to become dull. To keep up daily with her daily acting routine, she wears clothes that help her put on a performance. Since she was raised in America in the state of Maryland where the gun laws are more lax, firearms are her specialty. She also knows basics of martial arts due to her brother’s military career.

Age: 17 Birthday: February 1st Blood Type: AB Height: 164 cm Three sizes: Bust 88 cm, Waist 57 cm, Hips 77 cm Breast Weight: 2.7 kg Hobbies: Collecting scripts of classic movies, criticizing and appreciating movies Favorite food: Hot dog (with salsa)

LoaNngh. My right eye is my soft spot.”

Melody’s partner. She helps her with her acting in the background. Her eyes are different colors, with one being red and the other being blue. She has a complex about standing out, so she covers her red eye with a patch. She’s essentially an introvert, but due to Melody’s influence, she’s started to change. Still, she’s not exactly outgoing, so the number of friends she has is small. Due to this, she’s quite reliant on Melody.

Age: 15 Birthday: September 10th Blood Type: O Height: 162 cm Three sizes: Bust 84 cm, Waist 56 cm, Hips 68 cm Breast Weight: 1.8 kg Hobbies: Sewing (she loves making small stuffed animals) Favorite food: Hot dog (with chili beans)

Fina Kreis“Ah, that flower is pretty. I wish I could talk to flower fairies.”

A girl from Italy that doesn’t have the famous Italian joviality; rather, she has a calm personality that really stands out. She really loved reading, but was suddenly infected and isolated to Siren. Since she’s good at drawing, she wants to become a picture book artist. While she’s not exactly strong in the fighting department, she can still fight adequately. Her preferred style is to attack with ranged weapons from a distance. She’s awful at close combat, and is constantly worrying about it.

Age: 20 Birthday: September 9th Blood Type: B Height: 160 cm Three sizes: Bust 84 cm, Waist 72 cm, Height 80 cm Breast weight: 2.8 kg Hobbies: Creating and drawing her own picture books Favorite food: Chocolate gelato

Elena Miranda“There’s no point in doing anything. In the end you’re just dancing on another person’s palm.”

Born in Spain and raised in Norway, her body was never strong, so she’s an indoor type of person. She was always great at exclusively communicating online, which has caused her face-to-face interaction skills to suffer for it. She can come off as bratty and sharp-tongued. Her personality never changed even after she was infected, so everyone around her still sees her as a little girl with a temper. When she first transformed into a weapon and felt the rush of defeating an enemy in combat, she slowly started becoming a battle fanatic.

Age: 19 Birthday: August 30th Blood Type: AB Height: 155 cm Three sizes: Bust 81 cm, Waist 75 cm, Hips 80 cm Breast Weight: 2.6 kg Hobbies: Video games, mainly first person shooters Favorite food: Sweet snacks

Youbai Niang“Please eat my dim sum, okay~?”

An open-minded swordswoman from China. She can always be seen with a stuffed panda doll. She’s particularly good at Chinese cooking, so she decided to just up and start a cooking club herself to work on improving her craft. She decided to partner with Miharu because of her naive personality and to protect her from being deceived. She also acts as her guardian. Youbai tends to display her special Chinese sword fighting skills to anyone trying to get close to Miharu.

Age: 18 Birthday: December 13th Blood Type: B Height: 155 cm Three sizes: Bust 84 cm, Waist 69 cm, Hips 88 cm Breast weight: 2.8 kg Interests: Chinese cooking, aroma therapy candle collecting Favorite Food: Eating dim sum, xiaolongbao, or any kind of small Chinese dumpling or buns with tea

Sasahara Miharu

“Mmm… Now I’ve started…feeling good.”

Due to an irregularity during the awakening process for her weapon transformation, she goes out of control easily. Due to her power, she has equipment on both her top and bottom to manage it. She’s naive and easy to fool. She has a lot of friends and rarely acts alone as a result, but still ends up involved in all sorts of trouble.

Age: 17 Birthday: December 4th Blood Type: B Height: 158 cm Three Sizes: Bust 90 cm, Waist 71 cm, Hips 86 cm Breast Weight: 3.0 kg Hobbies: Reading (medical journals), searching for and collecting medicinal herbs Favorite Food: Anman (bun filled with red bean paste)

All the currently introduced girls besides Melody, Loa, Fina, Elena, Youbai, and Miharu (which are neutral to the conflict) belong to the Resistance faction. At this time, there is very little info on Siren’s combat system or the remaining characters belonging to the tyrannical Elizaveta (Elizabeta). We will be sure to keep you updated as soon as new information becomes available. However, there are currently no plans to release Valkyrie Drive: Siren in the West.

While you wait, feel free to let us know in the comments which one of the girls from Valkyrie Drive: Siren is your favorite and why. Just don’t start any opinionated wars while you’re there!

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