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Mike Inel is back with a new exciting game, What If Adventure Time Was A 3D Anime Game, to amaze and please Adventure Time fans once again after Marceline’s House. Enthusiasts of the good ol’ rule 34 should also get a kick out of it.

Mike Inel, the multi-talented 3D/2D artist and animator has resurfaced with a new game project fully funded by his Patreon supporters. A bit over a year ago (time sure flies when you masturbate!), I wrote up a short article detailing the lewd findings available in his first 3D exploration game called Marceline’s HouseAs that first project was a huge hit with both his fans and Adventure Time lovers, despite only being a simple 3D walking simulator, Inel has started production on something much more ambitious and engaging.

That’s what I’m here for, and I imagine a lot of other people are too {.align-center}

Enter What If Adventure Time Was A 3D Anime Game, a game released in its first beta iteration about 2 months ago that has recently received a huge content update in version 2.0 and 2.1 (the latter one fixing some major bugs blocking progression). What If Adventure Time Was A 3D Anime Game, at its core, is a fun little mix of a 3D adventure parody game and an action-platformer, with a few puzzles mixed in here and there to always keep the player constantly engaged in some shape and form.

All of the game takes place in a cave, where Marceline the Vampire Queen has set up residence, as well as a few surrounding areas. The player’s goal while controlling Finn (the protagonist of the Adventure Time animated series) is to explore everything surrounding Marceline’s abode, finding hidden objects that him new skills/items to eliminate pesky progress inhibitors, like wooden planks or boulders.

While exploring your heart out, you’ll eventually get to do some precise platforming, take part in a very Kingdom Hearts-inspired battles with cute creatures and the occasional challenging boss battle. If at any time you feel like you got lost and don’t know how to solve the next puzzle blocking your progress, you can always seek out the help of one the few original cast members from the show. Both Beemo and Marceline can aid you by giving useful tips and providing directions to plot-important items, while staying true to their quirky and quippy-selves.

The overall package of gameplay combining multiple genres is done really competently. The movement controls for the platforming and combat sections being really tight and responsive, as well as the puzzles being thoughtfully hidden within game’s scenery. For a short fan-made game like this, it almost feels like too much effort. I do have to note that I’m only making this remark as I have played many (probably even too many) parody titles before this one, and What If Adventure Time Was A 3D Anime Game puts them to shame with production values and honest to god hard work.

Keep exploring, and you might just make this wall image even more revealing!   {.align-center}

Humor filled to the brim with sexual innuendo and well-hidden scenes of nudity and lewd art are going to be the primary source for sexy entertainment. Some things that might get you going if you play What If Adventure Time Was A 3D Anime Game include genderbending, crossdressing, voyeurism, and bondage, all sprinkled with a light dusting of innuendo and sexually explicit dialogue. All of this is very vanilla and there is no actual sex to be seen anywhere in the game, which is a bit of letdown. Granted, if you’re an Adventure Time fan, you’ll probably get more out of the game than casual lewdites, especially if you like seeing the series’ characters in sexual situations like a weirdo (Just kidding!).

Since the game’s main focus is exploration and puzzle-solving that eventually leads you to unlock the ecchi content, even posting some telling screenshots would be a rather major spoiler. To avoid that and to make sure you still have fun looking behind every stalactite and stalagmite of Marceline’s cave, here’s a preview of all the models available in the title, as well as the old Marceline model from Marceline’s House. Here’s what you’re in for if you’re the inquisitive and curious type of player to unlock all of them:

What if Adventure Time Was a 3D Anime Game can now be downloaded completely free of charge on Game Jolt. The game will be developed further, adding a proper ending, new enemies to clobber, more boss fight and new secrets to discover. No ETA has been given yet on the next build, but since we saw the release of the 2.0 build just two months after the first one, it’s safe to expect that the new one will be arriving in the near future.

Mike Inel also goes by the handle of Manyakis in many artist circles, and you can follow him on several different places like Tumblr (NSFW /SFW ), DeviantArt  and YouTube . If you’re a fan of great 2D and 3D animation, pornographic or not, and enjoy Inel’s work, you can also donate to his Patreon and be a part of funding any of his future projects, which we hope will arrive sooner rather than later. Maybe even a full-fledged erotic game is somewhere on the horizon?

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