Going in dry

The premiere of the ecchi weapon girl brawler Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni is just around a snowy corner. With that, Marvelous’ promotional machine is working overtime advertising boob ramen in select shops in Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

Marvelous Entertainment is certainly no stranger to marketing their published games with delicious food. As the release date of the game grows ever near, the advertisement campaign shifts into full gear. LewdGamer has found out (via Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni’s official home page) the details of this foodie promotional event, which you can read below.

“The taste becomes your Drive! Ramen Fiesta!” begins. The girls will turn the taste into their weapons!

It’s been decided that Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- will be doing a collaboration with the popular ramen shops in Akihabara!

The participating shops will be making a special menu based on dishes inspired by certain characters from the game! The looks aren’t all this original ramen has going for it: the taste is also to die for! Order an original ramen dish during the campaign, and you’ll get a special sticker as well!

This event begins on November 29th and ends on December 20th.

Full stomach! Kagurazaka Naara

Momo and Mana’s Bouncy Bouncy Ramen

Meaty Meaty Filling Soba

Now if only the ramen broth tasted like fresh after-bath water the heroines splashed in, the meal would be a feast every lewdite would enjoy.

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni will hit store shelves in Japan on December 10th this year, with no plans for a Western release currently announced. As soon as one is made, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later, we will be sure to inform you without delay.

The Valkyrie Drive series spans the anime series Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, the social game Valkyrie Drive: Siren, and the PlayStation Vita game detailed in this article. To learn more about the gameplay of Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni and more, be sure to check out our previous articles.

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