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Cypress Zeta, the developer of RPG Maker Game Overwhored has announced his new project Home Invasion just a couple of weeks ago, which will be his first attempt at a visual novel.

Home Invasion is the title of his new project and will follow the story of a particular household, where a younger brother will express his sexual desires to his three sisters and mother, who have a variety of different personalities. Their personalities are described in the concept art provided in this article but may be changed further along in the development process. So keep in mind that the shown content is all a proof of concept and not reflective of the final product.

That being said, I had the opportunity to play the preliminary demo, although the content was minor at best and only included some written dialog alongside the concept art. Therefore, I will refrain from passing any judgment on any content until I have played an official demo. That said, the art style and writing style will be reminiscent of Overwhored; however, the writing team will be strengthened by Pan, a new writer that has joined the team on this project, who will be free to express his own style without any restrictions in collaboration with Cypress Zeta. Regarding the art style, the developer has stated that either Mindswipe , Sleepymaid , or F-Ing might provide the art for Home Invasion, with the possibility of more artists joining the team further down the line. Fans of Overwhored should rejoice in knowing that the mind break and hypnosis fetishes will serve as the basis of the H-scenes, which is familiar territory for much of the employed, talented artists.

For more clarity, I was able to interview the developer and managed to ask a few questions about this upcoming title and the effect it could have on the progress of his other games.

1.Where did you get the inspiration to start in the visual novel genre and with this concept?

The game actually started as a way for me to practice with RPG Maker VX before transitioning over from VX vanilla, the original system Overwhored was made in. I make a lot of little games for the purpose of learning and I’m always kicking around story ideas. When I realized it’d make a better visual novel than a game I stopped work on the VX version. I realized a large number of people playing my game wanted more incest and more detailed mind control, so I decided that this was a story I could use for that purpose. The original idea was heavily inspired by Pan’s story Limits.

2. Will the final product be finished before the expansion; Overwhored: Fall from Heaven and Overwhored?

That depends on the art. The writing won’t take too long; unlike RPG Maker I can just sit down and write. As a trained writer this is what I want to do the most. This will be a short game and Fall From Heaven will be a relatively small expansion. However I will have to do a lot of research on biblical depictions of heaven as well as searching through myth and apocrypha to make an accurate and entertaining depiction. I consider proper research to be utterly vital to writing anything. While the details will be changed to fit Overwhored’s world, I am primarily using Judeo-Christian depictions of heaven and angels as a starting point. You’ll note that by the end of Overwhored you’ll encounter several angels based upon Judeo-Christian myth. Since actual biblical angels would fit Lovecraft better than anything else I’m doing my best to keep the depictions accurate while also making them sexy girls.

I’ll prioritize Home Invasion first but may use only a small team of artists for it while giving the rest assignments for Fall From Heaven. Overwhored 2 is well in the future.

3. How will this affect the progress of the two other titles?

Once Overwhored is done Home Invasion will get the highest priority for getting completed. Writing won’t take too long but art will take some time. Once the script is done I’ll assign a few artists to work on Home Invasion’s art and hire some voice actresses to voice the female characters. During this time other than managing other people’s work I won’t have anything to do so I’ll begin work on Fall From Heaven. I may be able to get some of it out before Home Invasion is finished

4. Will the writing style change with Pan, your new writer?

Certainly. Pan has his own distinct style. Though I get the final say on the way things are written I have no intention to write out his voice. I will work to include my own distinct sense of humor and style as well. I think we’ll mesh well.

5. Will Mindwipe be the only artist that will draw for Home Invasion or will Sleepymaid contribute too?

I’m not certain which artists will do art for the final version. Mindwipe is designing the characters and will probably do a fair amount of the work. Drew and Sleepymaid may contribute or may be split off to work on Fall From Heaven. One artist that will definitely work on things has done the backgrounds, he goes by F-Ing.

6. Do you got a possible release date for the demo of Home Invasion or is that still up in the air?

The proof of concept demo is out for $20 level patrons on Patreon. A more polished demo will be released to the public after Overwhored is finished, which should be around December. I want the public demo to be of high quality. The proof-of-concept demo is for enthusiastic fans that want to see a preview right away.

I would like to thank Cypress Zeta for providing me the concept art and for agreeing to answer my questions. Be sure to check out his blog for more news on his several other projects. We will announce more details on Home Invasion as more becomes available.

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