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Beach Bounce found joy on Kickstarter this year, with a total of 365 backers bringing the project to life on March 16th 2015.

Beach Bounce was created by Face2Palm, an individual account of AJTilley, a visual and graphic novel studio based in the UK. The group have also developed other titles such as Swords of Edo, the Sword of Asumi game as well as developing a series of figurines. Face2Palm has had a number of successful Kickstarters in the past, with this being just the most recent.

Beach Bounce is available across three platforms: PC, Mac, and Linux. You can also purchase the game on Steam  for Windows and Mac, or all three platforms over on Mangagamer. Although they don’t vary too much, there is a significant difference between the Steam release and the other version: the non-Steam version contains nudity, whereas the Steam release does not. Now, we assume if you’re playing a romantic visual novel called Beach Bounce, you might be interested in getting a little more bounce for your buck, so the non-Steam version would certainly be the way forward. As mentioned above, these versions are available on Mangagamer right now, where you can also check out the artwork that went into the game to see if the naughtier version is for you. Buying the adult version on Mangagamer also includes a free key for the Steam version of the game, which should make choosing a version to buy even easier.

Beach Bounce sells itself as a romantic comedy novel with hints of adventure thrown in for good measure. The premise of the story is to guide poor Tomoyo on a journey to turn his luck around, with said luck coming in the form of seven girls. There are a total of seven girls you are able to romance in across several branching paths, each with a different personality and style. The Steam description of Beach Bounce, so aptly named, states that this is a tongue-in-cheek adventure with various paths through the game and features multiple endings. Although the title was just released, it has received positive reviews so far, so it may be worth a look if you like busty, bouncy visual novels. There’s only one remaining question: Just who will the best girl be in this adventure?

Yuuki is the friendly but business like supervisor of the Beach Bounce. She is a born leader, but lacks personal experience. She is well known for trying to perform all the duties herself rather than delegating responsibility to others.

Aiko is fun, free and outgoing with a strong interest in sports, who also loves ice-cream. She currently works as the head life guard at the Beach Bounce Resort.

Mineko is a friendly but shy and a somewhat clumsy young woman. She tends to see the best in everyone she meets. Mineko is currently working at the Beach Bounce Resort as a Greeter.

Rei is the the head instructor and swimming coach at the Beach Bounce and is very effective in that role. She is known to be rigid and can be a bit harsh at times.

Sakura is playful, friendly and loves to tease. She can be serious at times, but prefers to leave most serious things to her elder sister Yuuki. Sakura works part time at the Beach Bounce and other places in town.

Minami is soft natured and has a disarming personality. Anyone she meets can’t help but feel at ease around her. Minami has recently been seen around playing around the Beach Bounce Resort.

Nymph is staying at the resort as a guest, she seem s to keep herself to herself and is probably just another person looking to relax at the resort. Though it’s rare to see a woman alone without a family in tow.

The game is currently on sale at both Mangagamer and Steam for 20% off, so if this sounds interesting to you, head over to the pages for more details on the characters, system requirements and more saucy images. You can also check out the YouTube trailer below for a look at the game.

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