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Dies Irae English Localization Hits Prefundia

The highly acclaimed visual novel Dies Irae has surfaced on Prefundia, a website specializing in “pre-Kickstarter” projects.


Using the release Dies Irae ~Amantes Amentes~ as a base, the game’s text is being translated to English. Steam will be used to bring Dies Irae to users around the world! The latest version of light’s game engine will be used. The game will support Windows Vista/7/8.1/10, and the resolution will be expanded from 800×600 to 1280×720 (HD)!

Considering that Light had ran a highly successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015 for an anime adaptation of Dies Irae, many believed that the localization for the game would more than likely be crowdfunded as well. This assumption has proven to be true, as Light has released a Prefundia page for their upcoming Kickstarter for the game’s localization. The campaign will be looking to raise $160,000 dollars to localize Dies Irae ~Amantes Amentes~, the most complete and fleshed release of the title that was released in 2012 for Playstation Portable and PC.

The game will be released in two parts on Steam, with a tentative release date of May 2017.  Backers will receive both parts of the game. In addition to this, the game will be receiving an upscaled treatment, with the original 800×600 resolution being bumped up to 1280×768, enhanced effects in CGs to match the new resolution, and other various optimization tweaks.

On top of this, all CGs that featured explicit violence, but were unfortunately toned down and censored due to Japanese law, will be restored uncensored. For those of you curious as to the fate of the game’s adult content, Light will be providing a free 18+ patch for the game — which will be released three months after the game releases on Steam — to backers at no additional cost. However, no further details, such as whether mosiacs will be removed or not, have been released as of yet.

For your reading pleasure, you will find the game’s OP, synopsis, and sample CGs below:

As the Soviet Union marches on Berlin in May of 1945, a secretive group of sorcerers and madmen gathers to perform a terrible ritual. They care nothing for the fate of the Reich. To them, the countless lives lost in the battle are the perfect sacrifice to fuel their spell. After the war, they vanish and are not heard from again, except in rumor. One day, it is whispered, they will return. And on that day, the world will end. Fear the demons in human form. Fear the Longinus Dreizehn Orden.

Flash forward to present-day Japan. Fujii Ren is released from the hospital after two months spent recovering from wounds suffered in a vicious brawl with his best friend Shiro. As Christmas approaches, he tries to rebuild his life, clinging to what brilliance remains. But even that is soon threatened. For the knights of the LDO have returned, and brought the apocalypse to his doorstep. Forced to wield the same unholy power as his foes, will Ren be able to protect what is dear to him from the inhuman might of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden?

You can find out more details about Dies Irae ~Amantes Amentes~, as well as the upcoming Kickstarter, on the game’s Prefundia page here. Currently there is no tentative date as to when the Kickstarter campaign will be launched.

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