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Wonder Treasure is a side-scrolling action game released by Ankoku Marimokan on June 23th, 2013. This would be the tenth video game released by the developer; however, the game could have benefited greatly from some refinement.

Ankoku Marimokan’s previous game,「アニスの冒険」”Anise’s Adventure“, was met with relative success, placing in the top 100 of the most downloaded games from DLsite in 2012. They had hoped to quickly follow up on its success by releasing Wonder Treasure 6 months later. Unfortunately, it was met with lackluster sales due to the lack of sprite animations and CGs compared to their previous title. Their old fans wanted guro-action similar to Splatter School, yet new fans wanted a more non-ryona approach similar to Anise’s Adventure. Sadly, combining two conflicting styles doesn’t always satisfy fans of either.

It is important to note that the game is not in English, although knowledge of Japanese is not required to play the game. The game display is in English, while the story and character names are in Japanese. To offer a quick summary of the title, you play as Layla, a mercenary hired to acquire the rich spoils of Nermuru Island. She parachutes in with her trusty jeep and sets forth to steal everything from all the natives. Using only her pistol, she must avoid the horny wildlife and dangerous booby-traps.

Wonder Treasure took a few of its mechanics from the old Adventure Island games. For instance, strawberries and cherries are used to power yourself up to gain temporary invincibility; there is a power up that is more a hindrance than beneficial, much like the skateboard; the controls are rather floaty, and the first bosses for both games share the same relative pattern.

Also similar to Adventure Island is how you’ll be spending most of the game topless. {.align-center}

The mechanics for Wonder Treasure are simple. Left and right move Layla accordingly, Z and X are used for jumping and shooting, and pressing the up key during the ascent of a jump will make Layla “hover”, resulting in a higher jump and a slower descent. The C key allows Layla to shuffle and move slowly, though this ability is rarely, if ever, used for the duration of the game. There is a total of 4 different power-ups: cherries, strawberries, clothing, and a segway. Fruit grants invincibility once the power gauge is full, while clothing restores your life gauge. If Layla is at full health, a segway will drop in place of clothing.

Layla builds up speed through continuous movement. The direction and physics don’t matter; as long as a movement key is pressed, Layla will pick up her pace into a run. It is important to note here that the developer describes Wonder Treasure as a “high-speed action game”. With that tagline, one would think there is a penalty for playing the game slowly and carefully, but there isn’t. The game can be beaten in 15-20 minutes. Since there are no multiple endings, there is no reward or penalty based on your gameplay style. This, sadly, makes the game’s speed inconsistent.

The enemy patterns are very simple, with enemies either staying in one place and shooting at Layla, or walking back and forth in a specific area. The only unique enemy is the bat enemy, which flies at you only when you fire your gun. Sadly, the bosses are just as disappointing as the regular enemies. Each boss introduction has an arrow point directly at the area Layla has to shoot at to inflict damage. Every boss also has a “safe zone” that Layla can stand in to avoid all their attacks.

There is a total of five stages in Wonder Treasure. Layla traverses grasslands, a forest, an island within the island, a cave, and finally a temple. The island stage is of special note: not due to enemy difficulty or the boss, but because the stage is littered with death pits and is the only stage to have said pits. It is also the first stage which requires the use of the “hover” mechanic. The stage is also populated with clothing power-ups, which will more often than not give a segway item drop. When Layla acquires the segway, she loses the ability to cease her movement, meaning she will always be moving either left or right. Managing a character who won’t stop moving on a stage that requires precision jumping mechanics is a recipe for disaster.

Just look how happy she is facing death.

It’s one thing to say that the game mechanics need work, but it’s quite another when the game glitches. On two different playthroughs, the game glitched itself and soft-locked, thus making progress impossible. Multimedia Fusion 2, the game’s engine, is known for being a rather glitch-prone beast; of particular note are the hitboxes on moving platforms. Without any expertise in programming, it’s difficult to say whether the fault lies with the programmer or with the engine itself. Granted, these glitches are rare, but they are possible nonetheless. The only solution is to close the game or restart it from the menu.

Much like the game mechanics, the sound design is hit and miss. The sound effects are very simple, as they are the stock sounds similar to many H-action games. There are the “weech-woos” for penetration, “bwoomp” for deep penetration and “dwoon-dwoon” for cum shots. On the other hand, the music is quite catchy and has noticeably more feeling put into it. Each stage’s music is appropriate and meshes well with the stage. The ending theme during the credits is particularly groovy.

Upon losing all of Layla’s lives, a continue screen will appear. During the continue screen, you can choose to immediately resume the game at the beginning of the last stage, or watch as Layla gets violated during a CG cutscene. There are unlimited continues, so apart from a short time setback, there is no harsh penalty for losing. As for what happens if the timer reaches zero? Well, that should go without saying.


Wait a second, that’s not black ink…

Upon completion of the Wonder Treasure, two new options unlock on the main menu: CG mode and sprite animations. CG mode offers a showcase of the continue screen animations to be viewed at one’s leisure, whereas sprite animation theater allows the viewing of any of the erotic scenes from the different enemies and bosses. All enemies and bosses are unlocked, even if Layla was not previously violated by them.

The erotic content in Wonder Treasure is more comical than anything else. It’s possible for Layla to get her stomach deformed from a giant monkey’s penis and subsequently launched skyward from his cum shot. There’s also the possibility of a crab giving her a gyno exam with his eye. Out of the 26 different collapse animations: two of them are guro, nine involve urination, and one involves vore. Only five of those 26 animations involve human on human sex acts. If the game was intended to be comical, then why is there guro style content? If the game wasn’t intended to come off that way, then why the giant monkey?

I’m no doctor, but I think that penis has some necrosis going on.

Both the sexual content and the gameplay feel incomplete in Wonder Treasure. The sprite sex is there, but it lacks eroticism. In the same aspect, there is gameplay, but it lacks challenge and difficulty. It feels as though Ankoku Marimokan rushed this release to tide fans over, because their subsequent game, Splatter Beach, was released at Winter Comiket of the same year. There is, however, one silver lining to this game: due to the amount of different rape scenes, this game is great for developing new fetishes.

Wonder Treasure retails for 1404 yen, which is quite a steep price for a game that can be beaten in one hour. It is available from DLsite , Digiket , and Getchu . There is a demo available to try before making a final decision. You can also check Ankoku Marimo’s website here.

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