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Switch has released a new build of Venture Seas to the public, adding a new tutorial and reworking scene progression in the first chapter of the game.

The latest addition to Switch’s swashbuckling, erotic RPG Venture Seas features the addition of a tutorial and an overhaul of how the game progresses in the first part of the adventure. Along with several bug fixes, Switch has also teased more lewd artwork and textual defeat scenes for the upcoming build in the near future.

Chapter 1 has been shortened and edited (with a few new scenes) to allow the player to reach the gameplay systems a lot quicker. I cut several character development scenes, but they will be re-added as random encounters to be experienced while travelling using the journey screen (loaded by random order / occurance).

Wailing bay has been skipped as a tutorial expedition (which used the old dungeon system and tutorial method), with the content being recycled into Novehk Forest dungeon where possible (enemies, scenes)

Did some minor balancing and a lot of fixes to current systems, but I am aiming to balance this first dungeon and continue to add content to it for next release. Some new lewd artwork stills and textual defeat sex scenes would also on my mind to add to the dungeon for next build

For more news on this month’s release, you can find full details in the changelog . From there you can get a better idea of the changes, which includes new aesthetic updates, interface changes and the addition of a male voice. Developer Switch is currently seeking more voice actors for the project, who can get in touch with the interested via email — If you were sufficiently impressed with Switch’s work on Venture Seas, you can consider donating to her development Patreon here.

To try out the game for yourself, head over to the downloads page. You’ll find the latest build on the lower left of the site.

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