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Switch has released a new version of her sexy swashbuckling RPG Venture Seas with new improvements and additions.

New content and overhauling improvements avast in the latest version of Switch’s pirate-centric erotic RPG Venture Seas. In the latest update, the developer announces that the final main adventure has been completed and will soon be implemented into the main storyline.

As previously mentioned, I’ve finished creating the final main adventurer for the game Vinthal (handsome fellow on the right), and his ‘assistant/quartermaster’ Gull (the cute boy on the left). There will be artwork scenes of these two engaging in Yaoi action, specifically if the player character does not choose to romance either by a certain stage in the main storyline.

What’s more, the recent update also features a new tilemap-based event system for triggering scenes while the player explores the dungeon. To add to that, new dungeon scenes have been included as well.

Also, The foundation of the new tilemap based dungeon system has been implemented into the game, (as well as the new combat UI from last month). The dungeon code randomly generates a map with branching paths and rooms, and includes a basic ‘vision/fog of war’.

There are invisible ‘event tiles’ which will trigger a scene, similar to the old linear dungeon system. Over time I plan to add new features such as lever locked doors, roaming enemies (although enemies can still attack you through events) and other gimmicks to make things more interesting.

For more news on this month’s release, you can find full details in the changelog . From there you can get a better idea of the changes, which includes new aesthetic updates, interface changes and the addition of a male voice. Developer Switch is currently seeking more voice actors for the project, who can get in touch with the interested via email — switch101010@gmail.com. If you were sufficiently impressed with Switch’s work on Venture Seas, you can consider donating to her development Patreon here.

To try out the game for yourself, head over to the downloads page. You’ll find the latest build on the lower left of the site.

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