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It’s the time of the month when Team Nimbus releases last month’s Patreon supporter build of Cloud Meadow.

Those of you who enjoy the male body are in luck, as Cloud Meadow‘s newest public update gives us Adam Evan, a male counterpart to Eve. Other than that, there isn’t much in way of new content. Instead of starting off dropped into the town, you now get to make your way through the whale ship interior. The rest of the release is bug fixes, which means that dialogue and combat should continue as intended (though, I personally hit the common combat bug of no commands showing up when it was someone’s turn).

Evan currently only has two CGs, one with the holstaur and one with the cat. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the whole intro scene to get to these if you use the “Album” box on the main menu. Team Nimbus released a changelog and immediate future plans along with the new version:

Here is last month’s patron only release folks! We’ve done a few quality of life improvements in terms of sound volume and a few small optimizations of code that should make the game run slightly smoother. We’ve also added a bunch of interiors, and have more coming in the next release. In addition, we have nailed almost every combat bug we think, though a few dialogue bugs will remain, and the  combat and dialogue overhauls will be coming in Alpha v1.04.

That said, the most important feature we have added is Evan as the male playable character. We’ve also included two entire sex scenes between him, the Holstaur, and the Cat. There might still be some screwy dialogue sequences that we missed where he is referred to as a female or as Eve, so please report those if you find them.

Since then, we have more optimizations, the beginnings of an inventory system, improved interiors, more sprite animations (For farming and for the Dog x Monster scenes) and 2 new high definition sex scenes for Evan x Harpy and Eve x Dog. Thank you for following us!

If you’d like to check out this release, head over to the Patreon page.

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