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Yandere Simulator Gets New Mission Mode

Yandere Simulator has a brand new game mode, dubbed simply “Mission Mode.” Players can now take on this extra mode and become a yandere for hire.

If you aren’t getting your fix from the newest Hitman game, then the new Yandere Simulator update is for you. Yandere-chan’s skills have been going to waste for too long, only serving to further her own twisted agenda. Better to sell her services to the highest bidder, and become a killer for hire.

You can do just that in the latest release of Yandere Simulator. A brand new game mode, dubbed “Mission Mode,” allows players to take on randomly generated contracts to off specific students. Each assignment comes with certain tasks that you must complete, whether that’s cleaning up the scene or using a required weapon.


Artwork by PixelNoodle

While Mission Mode presents a new challenge for players, its intent is mainly to fill a gap. The next big addition to the game will be Osana, your (probably equally nuts) rival. Yandere Dev has made a lot of progress on Osana, but it’s going to be a few months before she’s ready for action. Thanks to a bit of Hitman-esque inspiration though, players have something new to try out.

It’s worth noting that Mission Mode takes place in an entirely different universe to the main game. This won’t actually change Yandere-chan herself, and should be treated as an optional extra for gameplay enthusiasts.

Mission Mode does change a number of features, however. For one, the school itself has a vastly different atmosphere for Mission Mode. Things feel much more tense, and on-site-procurement for your murder weapon is a must. There are a number of difficulty levels available, which add heaps of extra tasks to beef up the challenge.

If you want to try out Mission Mode for yourself, you can find the latest builds here. If Mission Mode receives positive feedback, then the developer may build on it, which might even include your very own counter-operative. Check out the video below for more details, then be sure to visit the art contest for plenty of suggestive Yandere-chan artwork.

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  • After the faggot author went all like “muh patreon donations tell me to self-censor so I’ll do it for the munseyz!”, I don’t think I can care less about this game except pirated.

    I’m not sure if the fgt said he’ll release it for free or priced, meh.

    • Ahegao Connoisseur

      > self-censor
      Are you serious? He’s really censoring the game? Plus it’ll never get done anyways cuz of the feature-creep he keeps getting.

      • If you remember, he wanted to add an inventory grid inside Yandere-chan’s skirt, which would open to show her panties.

        There was almost equal outcry to acceptance (more people were ok with it) and he tried to PR his way out of doing it anymore.

        On 8ch though, he said he won’t do it because he needs patreon bux.