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J-list Pre-Orders Open for Kurehito Misaki ⅙ Comic Aun Figure

J-list has just opened pre-orders for a new figure listing: Kurehito Misaki ⅙ Comic Aun Figure, Illustrated by Kurehito Misaki.

As the listing title implies, this figure is based on a cover design by bishoujo artist, Kurehito Misaki. Comic Aun #212 features this lovely lady, as can be seen below. This talented artist has even worked on manga and anime, such as Queen’s Blade. For now, we get to see a gorgeous 3D rendition or his work, which has been expertly sculpted by HIRO. J-list offers a brief synopsis on the product page:

Based on an illustration from Comic Aun by master bishoujo artist Kurehito, this is an amazing figure of a sexy bunny girl wonderfully sculpted to capture that cute but naughty look of Kurehito’s illustration. Comes with fun extra parts such as optional expressions and an accessory part. A nice cast-off figure by SkyTube.

Cover of Comic Aun #212

Overall, this figure indeed does a great job of capturing the look and feel of Kurehito Misaki’s original illustration. From her facial expression, which is swap-able, to the rips in her leggings, no detail has been overlooked. To make things even lewder, the tops and bottoms of her clothes cast off to expose her voluptuous lady parts. Remove what you want, and swap out her accessories to create the exact look you desire.

To order the Kurehito Misaki ⅙ Comic Aun figure, head over to J-list. Currently, she is listed at $175.00, and as usual, you will receive a 10% discount by pre-ordering. She has a release date scheduled for May 2017, so expect her to ship out by next summer.

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