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This weekend starts the MangaGamer Black Friday sale. Enjoy big discounts on digital and hardcopy titles.

The holidays are finally here, and what better way to celebrate America’s most gluttonous holiday than to further indulge by spending a crap ton of money? Keeping in step with the holiday, MangaGamer is hosting a holiday sale. From now through December 3rd, you can save big with the MangaGamer Black Friday Hardcopy Sale.

Living in the digital age, there are some people who can’t stand the thought of boxes collecting dust in their homes. For those of you who also feel this way, MangaGamer has got you covered. Through the power of Steam, you’ll be able to enjoy your very own digital sale. Visit this Steam link for direct access to MangaGamer’s Steam sale items.

In addition to their sale, MangaGamer is also promoting their latest Otome game, Ozmafia. They have also teased something special for Cyber Monday. Read the full press release below for details:

Looking to stock up on some physical copies of visual novels for the holidays (or perhaps a gift for a friend?)––well, we’ve got just the thing! We’re putting all of our hardcopies on sale for Black Friday! The sale will be live through December 3rd! If you’re more interested in digital games, check out our selection of titles on Steam (also price-matched on our site!) or keep your eyes peeled on Cyber Monday for something a bit “flashy.”Alongside this sale, we’re also announcing our newest Hardcopy: the highly acclaimed Otome game, Ozmafia! Ozmafia will be on sale and shipping on December 12th, just in time for the holidays, so pre-order now!

Inside our newest hardcopy, you get the following goodies:

- Game disk

- Steam key card (keep it for yourself or give it to a friend!)

- First Press Edition Exclusive: Six character pins! Only available while supplies last!- The character pins feature Caramia, Kyrie, Axel, Caesar, Scarlet and Pashet!

If you’d like more info on any of these games, you can refer to some reviews we have done in the past:

Euphoria – 4.5/5

Boob Wars: Big Breasts VS Flat Chests 2.5/5

Deardrops 4/5

Free Friends 2.5/5

No, Thank You!!! – 3/5

Eroge! Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games 3.5/5 

Valkyrie Svia – 2.5/5

Hunie Pop – 3.5/5

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