...the fuck?

Developer Enlit3D has made some improvements to their all female wrestling game, Heroine Rumble.

A little while ago, we reported on a girls vs girl wrestling game called Heroine Rumble. Since our post from October, Enlit3D has made some substantial progress on the title. They have added more playable characters, more features, and have even given the graphics a bit of an overhaul.

Here is an updated list of progress and features:

Current features:

- Hot girl on girl action

- 4 Unique heroines! (so far)

- 32 total animated holds (submissions, H-moves and throws)

- Full 3D environment with camera freedom

- Animated everything

- Armor/costume/outfit damage and destruction

- Selectable outfits

- Selectable difficulty

- Boob physics

- Watch and speculate match

- Endless mode

- Randomly generated girls

- Runs at 60 FPS with intuitive, smooth controls (requires discrete graphics card!)


- Yuri

- Humiliation

- Ryona, submission and throws

- Domination

- Forced

- Too many sex positions to list… including:- fingering

- pussy eating

- face sitting

- masturbation / mind control

- boob fondling

- foot stepping

And many features to come, such as (not inclusive and not final):

- Futa (toggleable)

- Throws (Implemented in alpha v0.12 Oct 14 2016)

- A better counter/grapple system

- Environmental hazards

- Fap mode *ahem* I mean watch mode (Implemented in alpha v0.112 Oct 05 2016)

- Support for toasters+ and low end systems

- Modding support?

- More game play features and improvements!

- More girls!

- More moves!

- More outfits!

- More game modes!

- Better AI! (Done! Along with control and balance rework in v0.13 Oct 21 2016)

It’s good to see Enlit3D making huge development strides in just a few weeks. Their blog even mentions that they are accepting feedback and suggestions for anyone who’s interested. You can also check out some additional screenshots if you visit the page. If you’d like to check out the new build of Heroine Rumble, you can grab it from their blog or use the links here:

  • Download link. (Alpha v0.15 Nov 19 2016)
  • High Performance version link – for those without a dedicated graphics card. (Alpha v0.15 Nov 20 2016)

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