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Developer and publisher Ripknot Systems has just released Club Naughty, their new nightclub management simulator, onto Steam with a launch discount.

Just this past weekend, Club Naughty made its debut on Steam. While formerly up for vote on Steam Greenlight, the fans helped bring this title to the store front. Club Naughty is a simulation game which puts you in the role of a strip club owner. It’s up to you to make the tough decisions, such as upgrading your club’s booze and drug selection to keep folks happy or dealing with the problems of your staff and customers. If things get really rough, you may even be faced with the decision of firing one of your staff members or throwing a customer out of the club after robbing him. It’s your choice to be a law-abiding business owner or a sleazy criminal who hires prostitutes to work the VIP lounge. Gain enough respect and money, and you’ll be able to open up more clubs.

Welcome to Club Naughty, a unique management gaming experience. As a club owner you will be challenged by a variety of decisions and skill games all humorously themed in a night club environment. Converse with customers and employees by completing requests and opportunities that will boost your cash flow and level. Complete event oriented mini-games that will challenge your skill and stamina. Be a show off and complete all 48 achievements with rewards that will boost your club owner and unlock 48 signed in-game dancer posters. Upgrade your nightclub by purchasing 16 different dancers, 18 awesome dubstep songs and more. Advance your club owner and territory by unlocking all 10 nightclubs and create your Naughty empire!

Club Naughty is available for $9.99, but currently discounted to the price of $8.49 on Steam. Currently, the reviews are sitting at mostly negative, but there are only three reviews at the time of writing. Ripknot Systems has also released a hotfix to patch some of the bugs which were mentioned in the negative reviews, but only time will tell if this brings the ratings back up. Another thing to note is that Club Naughty is only available for Windows, with no support for Linux or Mac currently available.

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