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[UPDATE] Nutaku, SuperHippo, and the Future of Osawari Island

On October 31st, 2016, the Japanese version of Ultra Adventure! Go Go Osawari Island closed its doors permanently.

[UPDATE 11/21/16] Since the release of this article, we’ve been contacted by Bosho, an employee of SuperHippo and the head of the Osawari Island staff. He clarified that the information provided by the Nutaku rep on new events was somewhat accurate, and has informed us of the correct situation of the events going forward. Nutaku and SuperHippo are separate entities, with SuperHippo being the ones who have planned, and will be executing, the new content. The newsletter that was released to Osawari players containing this information came from SuperHippo staff.

We had previously stated that the information our rep’s had obtained appeared to imply new events would begin immediately after the last JP event. However, Bosho corrected this saying that new events will not happen until sometime probably around Spring of 2017. Until the new events are ready to go, the games previous events will be repeated. However, they will be receiving new eromon. Everything else stated is in the works. [/UPDATE]

The closure of the Japanese version of Osawari Island came swiftly, with the following message announced to players only a mere month prior to the game’s termination.

Announcement: End of Service for “Daibouken! Yukeyuke ☆ Osawari Island”

9/29 2:00 PM

Thank you for playing “Daibouken! Yukeyuke ☆ Osawari Island”. We have decided to terminate service for the game on October 31, 2016.

Please find our shutdown schedule below.

[Shutdown Schedule]

○ 10/11/2016 2:00 PM

– Item store closure

*You can use your previously purchased items until the game goes offline.

*Please keep in mind that we will not offer refunds for items purchased with DMM Points.

– Eromon Encylopedia fully unlocked

– All players who spent DMM Points in the game will receive free items

○ 10/31/2016 2:00 PM

– Game will be shut down

We would like to sincerely thank you for your patronage all these years

This left more than a few avid fans and players of English version wondering if Nutaku would be closing down the Western release as well once the game caught up to the Japanese version’s final event. With only one more event to go after the one currently running, speculation and rumors began to circulate around — particularly on the English wiki page. The most common one being that Nutaku had stated that they planned to keep the English version open and just repeat previous events. Seeing as there were no official sources claiming this, we reached out to a representative of Nutaku for clarification.

The resulting conversation was insightful and informative, with new information spanning past Osawari Island itself. Before we delve into what was found out in regards to the future of the title, the first thing that we should discuss is the breaking reality of games that have been labeled as “owned” by Nutaku in the past. During our conversation, we were informed that — despite past preconceptions and allusions — Nutaku itself does not actually own or manage any games on its platform on both its free-to-play and downloadable areas.

Nutaku Free-To-Play Eroge

Much like their games that are directly under the control of DMM, these titles that have often been described as being under direct control from Nutaku are actually, in fact, not under their control at all. They are actually under the ownership of a company called SuperHippo, which publicly, on the surface, is a mobile game developer headquartered in Romania with an office in Ireland. The clear distinction between SuperHippo and Nutaku is a development that has not really been discussed in public, but we were informed people would be hearing more about them in the months to come.

Nutaku is merely a platform, while SuperHippo is the one in charge of all game content — including translations. SuperHippo’s list of titles that it oversees includes: Osawari Island (both mobile and web), Girls Kingdom, Kanpani, Flower Knight Girl, Hitsuji Chronicles, PeroPero Seduction, Hellfire Girls US, Quiz of Valkyrie, Angelic Saga, X overd, and Sengoku Providence.

There’s a lot more to be said on SuperHippo, but that is for another time — and another article. The original intent of reaching out to Nutaku, and this article, was to investigate and find out Osawari Island’s future presiding its Japanese counterparts demise, and so it is time to shift gears back to that.

Osawari Island Nutaku Free-to-play eroge

Osawari Island‘s fate is a particularly positive one for players of the game. The rumor that the title will merely repeat events is a false one. The truth is that Osawari Island will instead be receiving new content that includes a revamped interface, new events and eromon, a new PvP system, and a few other items yet to be announced.

At this point in time, there aren’t any concrete details on all of this, but Nutaku’s representative stated that the information he received suggested that there would be no interruption in the game’s event schedule and that, presumably, these new events would roll out immediately after the last event present in the Japanese version ends.

Despite the game’s Japanese closure, it seems that lady luck is on the side of English players for now. While the question about the future of Osawari Island has been answered, the revelation of SuperHippo is a new development that has only had its surfaced scratched.

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  • Mea K

    I have concerns regarding the new content. SuperHippo could contract the original artists to continue working on the game, but they could also take to DeviantArt/tumblr (admittedly, Osawari has always been an extremely mixed bag in the art department). And as silly as it perhaps is to care about storytelling in smut, Osawari has a very particular (and very weird) writing style associated with it that would be difficult to emulate for a new writer.

    Well, at least it gets to live! I wonder if this will also be the fate of Hitsuji Chronicle (died in Japan months ago, has been a half-abandoned zombie of a game in the west ever since).

    • Maybe its a case of the original osawari team working on a new title ;d but I don’t know why it was shut down over in japan in the first place but I guess its part of they got some next new fangled title they want to do maybe.

      • Rillania

        That or it possibly could be a case that the JP version wasn’t making enough money anymore to justify keeping it open with all of the costs associated with keeping up a F2P game, while the English version still is.

      • SOMEGUY7893 .

        “I don’t know why it was shut down over in japan in the first place”
        From what I remember on DMM a game will be shut down regardless on whether or not it makes money if it has a low amount of popularity in the rankings for a certain period of time.

  • razisgosu

    Sadly I lost interest in Osawari once Nutaku censored it. Since they show no desire to go back and uncensor it, I still don’t care about it.

    • Sigfried Silverblade

      Apparantely, that ball was never in Nutaku’s court, so you can stop bashing them for it.

      • Herp

        This article is literally about how SuperHippo is in the driver’s seat and people still get it wrong. Nutaku will probably continue to have a negative public opinion because the internet is full of salty motherfuckers.

        • razisgosu

          And who do you think is driving the platform and as a result the games on said platform? Take a moment to think before you spew ignorance.

          Why do you think the second a game is called out for censorship on the Nutaku platform, Nutaku gets it fixed. They have the final say. Just like Valve has the final say about what gets on the Steam platform.

          • FinFangFoom

            …..Valve developed Steam. A quick linkedin search of Nutaku’s employees will show you that Nutaku is owned by SuperHippo. So you got it mixed up, SuperHippo has the final say. The rest is bureaucracy and depends how the parent/subsidiary (if it even counts as a subsidiary) relationship is set up.

      • razisgosu

        Nutaku directly controls updates to Osawari and Angelic Saga though. So I won’t stop bashing them for it.

        Games that Nutaku develops:

        Kanpani Girls
        Flower Knight Girl
        Hitsuji Chronicle
        Quiz of Valkyrie
        Osawari Island
        Girls Kingdom
        Angelic Saga

        • Sigfried Silverblade

          Good to know, thanks.

        • Rillania

          As I stated in my article, the representative directly informed me Nutaku develops absolutely 0 games on their platform. With the only exception being Angelic Saga, every game you have listed is actually under the control, and by proxy all development, of a separate company named SuperHippo.

          By his words, this distinct difference has not been discussed much but will be brought forth in discussion more often in the future.

          • razisgosu

            What is Nutaku’s relation to SuperHippo? Do they own them? Ask them to do the development? This isn’t what has been communicated in the past, so I’m very surprised to hear Nutaku develops nothing.

            They also said they had their developers working on Aigis when they were trying to gain control of it, never mentioning SuperHippo.

          • Rillania

            That is something we did not discuss, as our discussion was mainly about Osawari Island and SuperHippo was a cursory point that he brought up. I’ll more than likely be following up on it and having a more thorough conversation about SuperHippo itself once I sit down and write up some questions about it for another article. It’s possible things have changed drastically now from what may have been the actuality even just a few months ago.

        • Rex Xillian

          I feel like you didnt even read the article?

    • random pleb

      what are you talking about? osawari island is fully uncensored (+loli faces/small boobs are back) now so stop spreading lies. they even went back to the old mons to change them back.

      • Rillania

        The only thing I’ve noticed is a few of the eromon who were originally censored still have their fucked up altered eyes in their icons.

      • razisgosu

        From what I’ve been told, a lot of the older ones have not been reverted. Feel free to provide examples if I am wrong.

    • SOMEGUY7893 .

      They actually did go back and uncensor a few things as far as I remember.(Still wondering why all lolis sans Miyabi were censored in the first place though. i.e. not the censoring itself but Miyabi’s exclusion from it.)

  • Does anyone know anything about publishing games to nutaku? Their fees etc. Do they only accept hentai games or do they accept all forms of pornographic games? thanks.

    • EroBotan

      if you visit their site they have 2 categories, NSFW & SFW so not everything has to be hentai. For more details it’s better to just email them directly for answers

      • OK I just have something in the works but it may be too NSFW for steam not exactly sure about steams policies when it comes to nudity.

        • nutakutom

          Hey Naughty Gaming – give me a shout on skype via: Nutakutom and let’s have a chat.

  • snooze321

    So who’s the developer responsible for Pussy Saga then?

    If Nutaku is just a platform then all of this censorship bullshit they’ve done in the past is actually not their fault, which changes how I view them quite a bit.

    • razisgosu

      They also deem what can and can’t be on their platform. Which means they’re directly responsible for the censorship to games on their platform, Osawari, Angelic Saga, Aigis, LoV, etc. All that was deemed needed by Nutaku.

      • snooze321

        Oh yep nevermind, they admitted that they themselves censored some games in a reddit post on kia. They also DMCA’d images on imgur detailing their censorship as well.

        Read more about it here:

        • VLOCKUP

          Nutaku defending their takedown with that reasoning. Which basically means Deleting Evidences.


          • SOMEGUY7893 .

            It’s weird though, it seems like they only DMCA certain people, Sanahtlig had his stuff DMCA’d but a few other people who posted comparisons of censored pics didn’t so it’s definitely not automated.

          • VLOCKUP

            That’s because he is the spreading the news in Reddit, which is a known social community. Nutaku obviously don’t want people to know of their censorship, DMCA him while NutakuDev accusing him of spreading false accusations in Reddit. r/visualnovels don’t accept that reasoning so the PR guy are just talking nonsense.

            I mean, there are still stealth censorship in recent Nutaku games that has been discovered by the players. And there’s even Pussy Saga plagiarism that Nutaku give an ok but was later retracted due to people finding out about plagiarism(I know it’s the 3rd party developed but they simply greenflag it due to no lolis/petites). Damage Control mode for Nutaku.


    -Sengoku Providence

    So when will it be announce? I would like to get my sword onto those Sengoku girls since there are no other Sengoku eroge comes to English except Rance 7. I want my genderbend fix and this shall fill the void.

    Meanwhile still playing FKG and fuck the Flower-personified girl 🙂

    • Rillania

      According to the representative, Sengoku is slated to come out sometime in December.

    • SOMEGUY7893 .

      >He doesn’t know a Tamamo is in the game as well.

      • VLOCKUP

        You mean FKG? I do know there is a Tamamo in it but it’s not like I have her.

        • SOMEGUY7893 .

          Nope not FKG’s Kitsune, Sengoku Providence has the actual mythological Tamamo in it.

          • VLOCKUP

            Oh, nice. I wasn’t aware of Tamamo being part of Warring States of Three Kingdoms lol

            Are there any other mythological beings aside from her?

          • SOMEGUY7893 .

            Quite a few actually, for whatever reason.

  • Anon

    Too bad this changes nothing in the censorship department.

  • What the hell? Nutaku subcontracted the management and translation of ALL its free-to-play games? Why is this the first time I’m hearing about this? Why was this not made known to users from the very start? Why has Nutaku told me that some of its games are translated by a different group in the US?

    • SOMEGUY7893 .

      “Why has Nutaku told me that some of its games are translated by a different group in the US?”
      Maybe this group was only recently employed and they used other groups in the past(It would explain the difference in translation quality.) Either way they really need to make it clear exactly who develops the localized version of each game.

      • razisgosu

        For real. Sengoku Providence’s pre-registration page just launched a day or so ago and features such as auto complete and 2x speed are being locked behind a paywall. I don’t know if this is Nutaku’s idea or SuperHippo, but it definitely feels like a terrible direction.

        Someone asked about this very question on Nutaku’s latest stream and Nutakudev directed the user to ask SuperHippo. This makes me believe Nutaku is giving the developers free reign to screw with the content of the games at their will and in this case in a negative light.

  • Repressed1984

    Is it just me, or is everyone in the 50 PERSON TEAM (responsible for developing 2 mobile games lawl) from Superhippo wearing Nutaku shirts??? Hahaha, I think that proves it (if they didn’t want to say it out loud). My guess would be a shift in region for the “ownership” of certain games that might be considered to have loli content. Whether they all actually physically moved to Romania (well it would be cheaper), or just use it as a shell company, I think it would be hard to deny that the two companies are involved.