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Anon42 has just posted a new build and updates for Crisis Point: Extinction.

We have covered Crisis Point: Extinction in a previous article. Developed by Anon42, Crisis Point: Extinction is a Metroidvania type game which takes place in a futuristic world. Today, Anon42 posted their latest build for patrons, v.25. Several details are covered in the Patreon update, and there are also details regarding what to expect in the next build. Check out the full post below:

Hey everybody! This took like.. WAY longer than I wanted it to, but v.25 is finally ready for the wild. Like last time, the download link will be in the post right after this one for patrons $10 (and the limited $5) or higher. There were a lot of changes this month, seeing as it was the beginning of The Great Rework™, so let’s dive right in and see what happened.


-Begin the great rework

-Implemented Dash powerup

-Implemented Ledge Grab powerup

-New Force Shot system implemented

-Finished duo BE H-animation for Warped Sentry

-Alraune CG/Game Over scene added

-Option added to turn off all sexual content

-Fix more minor issues

Like the last several updates, there are no new areas to explore yet, but UNLIKE the last several updates, there’s actually a lot of new stuff this time. First off, the option to turn off all sexual content; this option was added in last minute, and I’m not 100% sure it disables absolutely everything. It should make the game significantly safer to play around other people, but use it at your own risk! For now, the Dash and Ledge Grab abilities are unlocked at the start of the game – the controls are listed in the controls list when you start the game, so make sure you give it a read this time. Since they’re given at the beginning, it is very likely you’ll be able to skip large sections of the game, since the levels were not designed with them in mind – please forgive me if there are any game-breaking bugs due to this, as I simply did not have time to edit all the level designs. I’m hoping the next update will have fixed this completely, but in the meantime, hopefully there will be some fun sequence breaking to be had.

As for the next update..


-Continue The Great Rework™

-New CG/Game Over scene added

-Redesign old levels for new powerups

-Implement new bullet system and several of the new bullet types

-Reanimate several of Alicia’s movement animations to fit her improved proportions

-Fix more minor issues

Next update will be mostly gameplay-focused, but that won’t stop there from being another CG added at least. Unfortunately, since it’s already the 18th and next month is December, during which I have a week-long trip out of town to see family.. I’m probably not going to be able to “catch up”, so to speak. That would leave me about a month to finish two updates and I absolutely do not see that happening. Luckily Orexius is helping out more with animations now, even if he can’t go full-time yet, so I’m confident I can get all this done by mid-December, but I’m really sorry I got so behind again. The further along this game gets the more difficult the release-a-month schedule becomes, but now with Orexius helping I think I might actually be able to get back on track, so I’m just going to accept the loss, push v.26 back to December, and focus on making it great.

In the interest of keeping you all in the loop, I’m going to try and make posts more often this month as development continues – I’ve been really bad about that for a long time so it’s time to put more work into it. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: thank you all so much for your support, especially when things don’t go according to plan. It means the world to me that you’re all still here, and I refuse to let you down, even if it takes me a while longer than I planned.



-The path through the catacombs “cursed area” should no longer bug out and skip a room

-Being grabbed by BE vines while masturbating will no longer bug the BE vines

-Wooden totems can now be pulled again

-Warped Sentry blockbox shortened slightly

-New Idle pose for Alicia

-Certain things, like BE vines, can now be burned with the Flare Shot

-Overall darkness level of the game reduced

-Light emitted from objects and player is now more intense

The update wasn’t entirely smooth. As is very common with patches and updates, Crisis Point: Extinction now suffers from some new bugs. Anon42 made another post outlining plans to have a newer build available today. If you’d like to follow his work, head over to his Patreon. For those who support him, he promises new monthly builds, as well as your chance to offer input and view his developer livestreams. For the rest of us, here is Crisis Point: Extinction’spublic build. It’s only build v.13, so these updates will not be relevant.

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