Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Sadinsfw has released a free-to-play minigame, Total NC: Halloween 2016, featuring Morgana from League of Legends.

Sadi is an independent game developer who makes a ton of adult minigames, most of which give you control over rule 34 versions of popular game or anime characters, allowing you to rape and torture them as you please. Sticking to what she knows, Sadi has released a game just in time for Halloween: Total NC: Halloween 2016.

In Total NC: Halloween 2016, you play as a bored man on Halloween. He finds a mysterious book on his bookshelf and begins to read. Before he realizes it, the feisty witch Morgana appears in front of him. She is unable to use any of her powers and is completely restrained. You take this opportunity to have some Halloween fun of your own, using whips, belts, household items, and of course, your own dick to tame this wicked witch. Check it out on Sadi’s page.

While there is a browser version of Total NC: Halloween 2016, you can also download the Windows and Mac versions if you enjoy hoarding hentai. If you like this style of adult games, many more can be found on the sadinsfwgames Patreon page . Here is a full list of them . Sadi also sells his various works via Gumroad . You can follow his Twitter to stay updated on his latest developments.

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