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Developer T-ENTA-P has crafted an impressive title with Ghost Town Gun Sweeper. For all the game has to offer, it’s unfortunate that its merits are overshadowed by its flaws.

To be considered great, hentai games need to maintain a delicate balance of adult content and gameplay. Many titles focus on one of those elements while adding the second as an afterthought. Others add these elements in the wrong places, creating a cumbersome mess. Ghost Town Gun Sweeper comes so close to perfecting that balance that I’d be hard pressed to find a better example. While it’s far from perfect, this is one title that shows a massive amount of promise for the future of adult games.

From the moment this game boots up, you can tell that T-ENTA-P truly cared about their game. Ghost Town Gun Sweeper begins with a fully animated intro before taking you to a familiar RPG Maker set-up and introducing you to the characters and story. You play as either Rei or Moyoko and join the team of Eiichi and Tomomi, two other ghost hunters. Your mission is to retrieve a soul which has been stolen by a mysterious ghost. All things considered, it’s not the strangest plot. When you take into account the tongue-in-cheek humor and absurdity of the dialogue and enemies, it all comes together quite nicely.

Vulgar humor? I think I’m gonna like this game.

Your team navigates the streets of a ghost town and battles a variety of interesting foes along the way. Enemies vary from dead porn actors to angry puddles of sentient semen. Some of these characters are awesome, especially the boss-type enemies. At one point, you battle an angry store clerk whose weapon of choice is a pricing gun. It’s pretty great to see your characters get matted with pricing labels, as the manager condescendingly declares their perceived worth. These boss types have only a single appearance in the game, but T-ENTA-P went out of their way to create special visuals for them alone. Many devs would have given them generic attacks and left it at that.

Indeed, she’s nothing but a cheap whore.

The battles play out in a manner that you’d see in most turn based RPGs; however, in Ghost Town Gun Sweeper, this is where that beautiful blending of sex and gameplay begin to shine. You see, your main attackers use special guns with special bullets. This custom ammo happens to be made from semen. It’s your job to collect as much semen as you can to craft ammo. What better source for semen than a bunch of horny ghosts?

Get used to it. We’ve got a lot more cumming our way.

Most sex in turn-based RPGs comes in the form of sexual attacks. Typically, these play out by the enemies raping your characters or your characters seducing the enemies. In Ghost Town Gun Sweeper, the only sex during battles is when you initiate it to collect semen. Here, you witness a fully animated sequence of your character, as they desperately try to milk their enemies’ angry cocks for precious semen. You can even strip your characters nude to make them more appealing and able to extract more cum. This counts as a form of sexual attack, but they aren’t your main method for damaging foes. This tiny difference prevents these scenes from wearing out their welcome, unlike in most games of this style.

Yes, that’s a dick with arms.

While you aren’t forced to fellate your enemies in every battle, sometimes it is a must. Since guns are the main weapon of choice here, you’ll need a lot of semen to get by, which is one of the downsides. The semen extraction method, known as Erotech, does a pitiful amount of damage. This makes the use of Erotech a bit of a wasted turn and can drag battles out longer. Also, you can’t craft bullets during a battle, so you essentially use your current battle to prepare for the ones to follow. If you happen to run out of ammo mid-battle, your support characters (who don’t require ammo) have to do all the work. It seems like a huge oversight to not have a melee attack as some sort of back-up.

Don’t stop sucking! We’re almost out of bullets!

Semen is not just the main ingredient for ammo, but also various other items. You use it to make health items as well. When your full party is together, they are easily sustainable. During those occasions, most items aren’t important, but when you are forced to split up, shit gets real hard real fast. When your teammates go their separate ways, they take over half of your health items and ammo supply. If you weren’t stocked with semen prior to your divorce, you’re truly fucked. You can not rejoin the rest of your party until you complete a specific task, and without your team, the difficulty can spike dramatically. You’ll find yourself quite literally sucking dick in an alleyway just to get by. When your friends finally rejoin your party, they don’t replace any of the items they took.

I’m down to my underwear and this stingy bitch wants to take more.

To be honest, when you get to the forest and your team wants to separate, that’s when Ghost Town Gun Sweeper begins its downward spiral. You suddenly face stronger enemies with half the manpower, and you’ll find yourself lost in a ridiculous hedge maze. You know that neat trick games use where an area looks inaccessible because there’s some foliage, but if you walk into it, you’ll see that you can walk under it? Well, T-ENTA-P decided to create an area that is almost entirely covered in this manner. You have to use guesswork to guide your characters through the overgrown greenery because you can’t see them at all. Add random battles to the mix, and you’re left with a massively frustrating mess.

How I wish this was the only instance of frustration. Many of your main objectives are hidden in a manner that most games would use to hide easter eggs. One girl told me to search a house with a red roof. I spent over an hour navigating between three different areas, each with multiple red roofed houses, only to find nothing. Turns out I was supposed to go to this tiny, non-house-looking building. It had a back entrance that was hidden due to the game’s fixed camera angle. If you want to use this technique to hide legendary equipment, fine, but otherwise this is just cheap game design.

Gameplay aside, they certainly deliver on the lewd content!

Moving on from cheap tricks, Ghost Town Gun Sweeper has some genuine bugs. Most of these boil down to a severe lack of refinement, but others should have been caught during QA. For one, the battles have dialogue that is unreadable. It flashes on screen for only an instant before it’s gone. This can’t be by design. Sometimes the amount of semen you get from a battle displays as pure gibberish, so you’re forced to manually check your inventory after each battle. Doing this is eye-rolling and annoying since using the inventory system is a hassle. Every time you use an item or ability, you get to do it once before you’re kicked back to the game screen. Need to reload a completely empty magazine? You need to open the inventory 3-4 times per character.

What’s the US conversion rate for //V?

There are a ton of tiny other bugs/complaints I have with Ghost Town Gun Sweeper. I could probably dedicate a paragraph to each one, but let me just throw them out here briefly: The game stutter/skips as you’re walking. There is no onscreen display to indicate how much damage enemies are dealing. The game crashed one time when I clicked through an animation too fast.  There’s no indication that your characters level up, unless one of them gets a new skill. A few things are not translated. The story doesn’t always tell you what you need to do, so you have to rely on the quest log. There is no key rebinding, controller support, or sound options. That’s a ton of problems, and those are just the ones I haven’t mentioned in this review elsewhere.

Above all things, my biggest complaint is the game’s ending sequence. They warn you that there is no going back once you enter the final area, but they fail to mention that the game’s rules have changed. I was low on ammo after getting torn apart in the forest, but I assumed I could just collect semen to make more — wrong. Your teammates suddenly refuse to suck dick for ghost jizz. Instead, you can obtain only paltry amounts of it from certain ghosts when they attack you.

This is probably the worst time she could have decided to become abstinent. 

Having no ammo can create a stalemate situation. Your full party is easy to keep alive, but the support characters don’t have the needed fire power to bring down tougher foes. Even if you have some spare cum, you can’t craft bullets during battle. Since you have to fight the last boss over multiple consecutive fights, the supplies you go in with need to last. Suffice to say, I ran out of ammo, and my support characters could only do chip damage while my main attackers became dead weight. After holding out for 30 minutes, I had only taken off 1/4 of the final boss’s health, so I ended up reloading my save. Oh, and despite the care and effort that went into all of the mini-bosses, the last boss is some generic-looking dragon.

As bad as those issues sound, most of them occur in only the last bit of the game. Everything prior to that point is quite well-done, particularly the lewd scenes. Each and every enemy type has a special rape animation sequence if they beat you. Eiichi even stars in his own man-on-man rape scenario. There are also the Erotech scenes and end-game “fantasy scenes” to enjoy as well. The scenes you’ve unlocked are viewable at any time, and upon completing the game, all of the lewd scenes are unlocked. This is preferable to forcibly dying over and over just to complete the gallery. As yet another bonus, an in-game item lets you swap genitals on your characters. The lewd scenes reflect these changes, not only visually, but also with altered dialogue sequences.

Now, with more penis!

The amount of refinement in the lewd department is a huge plus for Ghost Town Gun Sweeper. They even have your characters make snide or pervy remarks when you get naked. It’s hardly necessary, but it’s definitely a nice touch. It’s frustrating that they dropped the ball on some of the gameplay functions. They did, however, enable sprinting as the default walk speed, so there’s no need to hold multiple keys just for walking. Not to mention, the game also has a pretty sweet soundtrack. I’d truly like to see a sequel that’s bigger and really capitalizes on some of this game’s best features while refining some of its lacking ones. In any case, if you can overlook the sloppiness, Ghost Town Gun Sweeper will provide a fairly awesome experience.

It seems that for every great thing T-ENTA-P has done, something else was left to suffer. From early on, I expected to give this game a higher score, but it just kept giving me reasons not to. The final product reeks of a project that was too large of scope and was ultimately rushed to completion. There was an update released after I got my copy, so perhaps some of these issues have been fixed. Also, as you’ve probably noticed by the screenshots, this game retains its censorship. It’s also sad that it’s only available for PC, with no Linux or Mac support. In any case, if you can overlook the sloppiness, Ghost Town Gun Sweeper will provide a fairly awesome experience.

If you’re interested in playing Ghost Town Gun Sweeper, the game is available on Nutaku’s store for $12.00.


  • heart"></i>
  • Unique, cutesy art style
  • So many lewd scenes
  • The adult content and gameplay compliment each other rather than compete for relevance
  • Fun characters with humorous interactions
  • Nice soundtrack
  • Enough hentai variation to make most anyone happy
  • Multiple paths and a decent archive system for the sex scenes give you a reason to go back to it


  • heart-broken"></i>
  • Uncommon art style may turn some away
  • A few incredibly lousy game design choices
  • Frustrating menus and inventory system
  • Sudden difficulty spikes
  • Battle animations and dialogue flash off the screen way to quickly
  • No voices for the H-scenes
  • Censored
  • Story
  • Art and Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Sound
  • Replay Value


Ghost Town Gun Sweeper provides some quality hentai content. It's impressive to see so many scenes in one game, not to mention the fact that they are all animated. The addition of the "H-scene graveyard," where you can view all unlocked scenes, is also an excellent touch.

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