...the fuck?

Placental Hoshijiro Knights of Sidonia Onahole

Knights of Sidonia’s Placental Hoshijiro’s onahole proves that there is a demand for all kinds of masturbatory aid in the adult toy market.

Placental Hoshijiro—an alien-human hybrid from the popular sci-fi mecha anime Knights of Sidonia, recently got a special tentacle onahole based on her character. This new and novel onahole imitates the vaginal walls of an alien version of Ena Hoshijiro, with all its slimy and soft tentacle goodness. Here is what the official J-LIST store description has to say about this nifty new Tamatoys product.

Here’s another parody stress relief toy from Tamatoys, this one bearing a distinct resemblance to Ena Hoshijiro from the popular sci-fi anime Knights of Sidonia. This hole’s interior is specially designed to simulate the insides of a tentacle vagina girl. Comes with lubricant for smooth penetration. Excellent for taking the edge off after a long day. A great item for fans of anime parody toys! A great toy for fans of “Monster Musume” or monster girl fetish items too.

Fans of new sensations around their dicks will have a field day with this one. While the Gauna are very dangerous creatures in the 3D CG world of the Knights of Sidonia anime and getting close to them is ill advised, being intimate with one in such a fashion may be a dream come true for a lot of the lewdest fans of the series.

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