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DarkCookie, an explorative and open-minded solo developer, is seeking Patreon support for his upcoming dating simulator/visual novel title, Summertime Saga.

DarkCookie (a delicious pseudonym worthy of a cool glass of milk) is a solo developer whose work has warranted some lusty viewing. He is striving to see his latest project, Summertime Saga, come to fruition – art, code, music, publishing and all.

Yet, Summertime Saga is still in its early stages of development. That being said, DarkCookie plans to go above and beyond the call of duty, having etched out plans to include the following features:

  • Three main plot quests
  • Three mini games that aid in the progression of the player
  • An active map that includes over 19 locations, all of which are begging for exploration
  • Over 25 characters to interact with
  • An inventory system
  • Stats, energy, and monetary systems
  • Triggered hardcore – and more on the definition of hardcore in a bit – adult scenes with options
  • Potential universe expansions when the town’s development is complete

It all sounds great, doesn’t it? At the very least, expect these features to intertwine with the body of a visual novel, which heavily relies on both dating sim stats and quest progression.

Let’s fall back to the hardcore for a moment. Just what would Summertime Saga include? What type of content and fetishes will the game offer? Well, you can expect a vast array of fetishes, including:

  • Incest between mother and son, as well as brother and sister
  • Voyeurism
  • Impregnation
  • Breastfeeding and milking
  • Mild BDSM and spanking
  • Vanilla between male and female
  • Vanilla between male and male
  • Anal
  • Monster girl
  • Group male, male, and female, as well as female, female, and male
  • Futa and trap
  • Public
  • Nurse and latex
  • Librarian, complete with glasses
  • Toys
  • And some glory hole action

In other words, DarkCookie is aiming to paint all sorts of fetishes onto his virtual canvas, to suit and satiate the desires of most. That alone is more than enough to lure in some peeks.

Currently, Summertime Saga is 100% free, but if you find yourself seduced by the game and its fleshy content, then by all means, pledge some moolah to DarkCookie. If you do, you will receive perks, ranging from accessing the latest playable build and reading Patreon-only content, to watching DarkCookie stream his development process and work.

Again, you can download Alpha version 0.06, but don’t expect a plethora of features — especially tantalizing CGs — to be prominent at this stage. Furthermore, there are a few issues to be aware of. For one, you can’t exactly save your game. Secondly, there are a few typos lurking about. Finally, there is controller support, but the controller — Sony’s DualShock 4 controller, at least  — is not fully optimized. For example, during the protagonist’s Muy Thai training session, you cannot input combos when prompted via controller, but you can input the commands with your keyboard. It’s important to note, however, that these problems are to be expected in an alpha build. Fortunately, and according to the most recent Patreon update, “Status Update #2,” an upcoming 0.07 Alpha update is in the works, with a release planned. Thus far, expect the update to feature:

  • 12 new background paintings that depict locations, sub-locations, and cutscenes
  • Over 14 new dialogue sequences
  • Four major and four minor characters
  • Two hardcore sequences and two softcore sequences
  • Two new shop items for a shop that will be functional in upcoming updates

A day and night cycle system and the phone UI are also on the cards, but that won’t be for awhile yet. Nevertheless, do keep your eyes peeled for the release of Alpha 0.07. After all, this title certainly bears potential, but how it progresses will only be determined by time.

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