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Visual novel developer Crazy Cactus Entertainment has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their debut title Maid Mansion.

For Maid Mansion, Crazy Cactus has teamed up with fellow visual novel developer and publisher DEVGRU-P, who are known for their tank dating simulator title Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator and the upcoming Stay! Stay! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a North Korean themed parody of Go! Go! Nippon!

The campaign is looking to achieve an initial funding goal of $7000, with quite a few stretch goals to unlock additional content. With the initial goal, the game will contain a few romances, as well as some steamy side action with your personal secretary, Umeko. The first stretch goal of the campaign gives her a full fledged route, while the other stretch goals include layered and additional CGs, multiple romanceable characters added, expanded story and soundtrack, a polyamorous ending, and partial voice acting.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find a game trailer, synopsis, and sample CGs and screenshots:

Yuu has lived a relatively sheltered life. His father died during the war, and his mother took him with her to her parents’s house in the countryside until she disappeared in the years of civil unrest in Zipang. Yuu’s grandparents on his mother’s side raised him, but neither of them could replace his real parents, and he grew up a self-absorbed and egotistical young man.

Now his life has suddenly taken a turn for the better. His grandfather on his father’s side – a former navy admiral who managed to keep both his fame and wealth during the years of turmoil – recently died and left Yuu his mansion and his wealth under the condition that he never fires the head maid, Takako. This seems quite strange, since Takako is still a young woman – could she have been something more than just a maid to the old man?

As Yuu moves in and finds himself in the position as the household’s master, he slowly learns that the mansion is more than he thought: some of the maids act in strange manners, and a government inspector of the Gohzoku is keeping a close eye on the place, determined to uncover its secrets. Rumours say that Yuu’s grandfather was a dissident to the government, and that he actively used his mansion as a grounds to hide his co-conspirators. However, now with Yuu taking over the household, many in the government and local townsfolk question whether or not there was any validity to such tales to begin with. Having said that, the fact that Takako was specifically mentioned in his grandfather’s will, is troublesome to Yuu, and makes him especially curious about why she’s so important. Can she be trusted? He wasn’t even all that close to his own grandfather to begin with, as they shared a troubled, strained relationship. How can he trust anyone at this newly-inherited mansion?

You can find out more about Maid Mansion, as well as try a demo that is set to be uploaded in a few hours, on the game’s Kickstarter page here.

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