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Developer Xi’s ViotoXica -Vore Exploring Action RPG- is now available on DLSite.

When it comes to actual gameplay in hentai titles, we are usually relegated to jenki action games and RPGs. Given the variety of genres in standard games, you’d think a developer may try something different. Fortunately, it seems ViotoXica does just that.

ViotoXica is an action adventure metroidvania-style game with RPG elements. Not only that, it also has relatively decent controls. In this Metroid-esque vore game, you play as a young heroine who tries her best to navigate a maze and battle monsters that want to eat her. During her travels, she will level up, craft new gear, and of course, learn skills which unlock access to new areas.

As far as the lewd factor is concerned, this game is most definitely aimed at vore fetishists. Aside from the occasional tentacle rape, the lewd scenes consist predominantly of vore and unbirthing segments. Enemies have two attack types: one typical attack that you’d see in any normal game and a grapple attack that initiates a 2D vore event. If you’re low on health or don’t mash buttons fast enough to escape, these will yield get a game over sequence. Here you see a 3D scene depicting your character getting swallowed up and violated by her attacker. If you cringe at the thought of a person being dissolved in stomach acid, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the bodily fluids of these monsters dissolve clothing, but not flesh — no need for gore.

You may be thinking, “But I don’t like vore, so why should I play this?” Simple: it’s super fun. Remove all the lewd content and ViotoXica is a game that’s still worth playing. That being said, the controls can get wonky at times. The more skills you unlock, the more chances that your frantic command inputs can cause your character to do something you weren’t expecting. It doesn’t happen too often, and the controls are surprisingly tight otherwise. The game has also happens to have full controller support, which is always a plus.

For all interested parties, you can grab the demo or buy the PC game on English DLSite. The text is fully translated into English, but it still retains Japanese voice overs. If you do decide to pick it up, it will run you about $13.13 (prices can fluctuate slightly on DLSite.) Also, as the game was made by a Japanese developer, you can expect some censoring.

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