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Shadow Fenrir Is Creating Vandalis a Gender Bending Action RPG

YouTuber and erotic game developer Shadow Fenrir has recently unveiled a new gender bending action RPG, known as Vandalis.

Vandalis is the first erotic game project by YouTuber-turned-game developer, and focuses satisfying action RPG combat similar to that of Zelda: A Link to the Past and a gender bending hero/heroine.

Starting with virtually no budget, the team behind Vandalis aim is to create an episodic adventure story in a fantasy world. As their Indiegogo campaign states, they would first like to fund the inaugural episode of the series.

The design we’re working on allows the possibility of 4 different quests, each with a ‘Damsel’ to rescue, Monsters to fight (or seduce?) culminating in the hero saving the entire kingdom! Our basic goal is to fund the first one of these quests.

We’ve been working on this game voluntarily, on zero budget, and so far, we’ve gotten a really good response from people who’ve played it. Unfortunately, the way it looks right now, the team may not be able to continue developing it, as spare time becomes harder to find, and development slows to a crawl.

The developers also list a few features you can expect from the full game:

- A gender changing system, allowing the player to choose how to interact with the world

- Tight controls and finely tuned combat, for a great action based experience

- Dungeons and puzzles to amuse and intrigue

- Unlock H scenes through exploration, monster hunting and questing, rather than waiting for a game over screen

Shadow Fenrir and his team are now seeking $10,000 in flexible funding on Indiegogo to make Vandalis a reality. A few of their stretch goals include the addition of voice acting, more sex scenes, more animations and an overall expansion of the game’s story.  

Be sure to check out a short introduction video and a couple of screenshots from the game just a bit further down:

The release date for the full version of Vandalis is expected to be sometime in the second quarter of 2017.

If you happen to like what Shadow Fenrir is aiming to accomplish with Vandalis, you can support him and his team on Patreon as well.

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