Daddy is coming

Double the sex at twice the speed is what the latest update of Team Nimbus’ Cloud Meadow brings us.

Cloud Meadow is a relatively new project with just a few months under its belt, though some of the developers have a great deal of experience in the field. The last time we wrote  about the game there wasn’t a whole lot to it, but in the latest public release, there’s twice as much sex. The writing has certainly improved, with there now being only a few mistakes, and you have the option to skip the introductory stroll through town which only serves for lore purposes currently. You can now also access the farm area and try out the farming mechanics, though there is nothing to gain from doing so.

Years of training have brought her to this moment…

There were a few downgrades, strangely enough. For one, the combat tutorial was removed. It’s a very simple system so far, and it isn’t all that hard to figure out, but even still it seemed strange to take it out. Also, the player can only see one orgasm animation for each run-through, which may just be a bug. Due to the game being so young, one can expect the developers to add and remove features while they figure out what specifics they want for Cloud Meadow. However, in both versions you have to go to areas aside from where the game tells you to go, making the lewd content a sort of side-quest. For this new update, head over to the barn on the farm to see what you came for. In this area, there is a small board in which you can make the four monsters fuck each other or the player.

One last note, the boss fight is a little buggy (as you’re repeatedly told it is), so if you suddenly can’t do anything, this is why. There’s nothing after the boss fight aside from the credits, so don’t feel too pressed to defeat it.

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