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Pre-Orders Open for Yomi Suhada Figurine

Yomi Suhada has joined the pre-order lineup of Senran KaguraNewWave G Burst figures on J-list.

Just a few days ago, we reported on pre-orders for the Ryona Suhada figure. Now, J-list has brought us another member of the Senran Kagura cast. The Yomi Suhada 1/10 Kiwami Girls Slender Glamorous Figure Jersey Ver. Senran Kagura NewWave G Burst figurine is now available for pre-order. Just like the figure of Ryona, Yomi’s model renders her beautifully in 3D. This figure was also sculpted by Proovy and maintains impressive amounts of detail for its 1/10 scale size. Proovy made sure to carve all the lewd bits just how we like them.

Yomi is the blonde bombshell from the Senran series who wields a giant sword and a massive pair of G-cups. She can usually be found dressed modestly in her green tracksuit. Her figure features her with that same tracksuit, well, part of it. She seems to have lost her bottoms. If you were wondering if you can help her lose the jacket as well, fear not fellow perverts. Being a cast-off figure, you can free her oppai from their oppressive polyester prison. The ball joint in her neck will also allow you to pose her head slightly. Judging from the pictures, Yomi appears to have some adorable, frilly armbands included with her get up. Yomi sits slightly shorter than Ryona at 11 cm (4.3 in) in height.

This Yomi Suhada figure will be officially released to the world in April 2017 — the same time as her counterpart, Ryona. Also just like Ryona, Yomi will set you back $98, but J-list is offering a discount if you pre-order.

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