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Developer Sierra Lee’s newest RPG title, Ouroboros, has been released on adult gaming platform Nutaku.

Ouroboros is an action-adventure RPG created in RPG Maker that features a classic 90’s feel. For those of you unfamiliar with the developer Sierra Lee, they are known for having created The Last Sovereign and Noxian Nights, which was created under the developer name Hreinn Games.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find information on the game provided in the press release from Nutaku, as well as sample CGs and screenshots.

Indie developer Sierra Lee announced today the release of Ouroboros, an action-adventure game where players are challenged to explore an idyllic kingdom concealing a horrifying secret. Designed in a style harkening back to classic RPGs of the 90s, Ouroboros combines old-school aesthetics with mind-bending storytelling, requiring would-be adventurers to pull back the mask of illusion on a world gone terribly awry. Featuring a deep turn-based combat system, unique setting, and steamy romance options, Ouroboros is available for PC and contains content intended for mature audiences.

If players feel that Ouroboros begins with a familiar theme, they wouldn’t be far off the mark: a princess awaits rescue from her villainous vizier, monsters roam unchecked throughout the kingdom, and two plucky adventuresses vie for the hero’s heart. Soon, however, unsettling signs emerge that these troubles are mere distractions to prevent them from uncovering a deeper truth – that all this has happened before.

“Ouroboros aims to twist expectations for quest games,” said Sierra Lee, the game’s lead creator, “We’ve turned the genre on its head, while still being an enjoyable RPG to the core. The game invites players to break the rules, work with the villains, and have a lot of sexy fun as they get deeper into the true story.”

Game features:

- A Powerfully written storyline that subverts classic RPG tropes.

- Retro-adventure gameplay that sets players loose in a unique fantasy world.

- Multiple romance options with steamy conclusions.

- Grind-free combat system where strength is derived from equipment and tactical choices.

- DRM-free when purchased from

You can purchase Ouroboros on Nutaku for the current price of $13.50 here.

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