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Rabi-Ribi has received free Halloween DLC, including new cosmetics, new areas, new achievements, and more.

Gemayue has gifted the fans of cute bunny bullet-hell Rabi Ribi with a brand new DLC update, completely free of charge. This brand new update includes a swat load of content that includes:

-New boss battle -New enemies -Two new areas -A mini-sidequest -New outfit for Erina -New outfit for NPCs -New achievements -A new Easter Egg

Since we reviewed Rabi-Ribi and gave it a score of 4/5 here , Gemayue has churned out a string of content and Quality of Life updates for the game. Framerate issues on the first week’s release are lesser and numerous small improvements have come to make playing the current 1.70 version much more satisfying to an already satisfying game. There is also an ongoing 4-koma manga series that Gemayue updates about the shenanigans and misadventures of Erina and friends that were also updated this Halloween. You can view the cute comic here. This Halloween update is directed towards post late-game players as the battles and areas are quite difficult.

This Halloween DLC has a difficult and fun boss fight of fighting Chocolate and Vanilla together, a battle that was originally intended but excluded from the main game. No joke, the difficulty for this battle will shred any player who attempts it before post-game. The areas and enemies leading up the fight are also challenging but are equally fun for being short segments and encounters. There’s a Super Mario Bros. easter egg hidden aside in one of the new areas that’ll leave the resourceful player who finds it with a smile on the face.

Should the player best the nekomimi twins and, spoilers, Cicini, they will be rewarded with the fantastic prize of a succubus outfit for the endearing Erina. The player can choose to don the outfit whenever they want by equipping it as a badge (that requires 0 BP) and talking to an NPC to see Erina in all her lewd, succubus outfit glory.

Owners of Rabi-Ribi on steam can download this gracious update here. Any major content updates for the game shall be promptly reported here.

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