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Pre-Orders up for Ryona Suhada Figure

J-List unveils Ryona Suhada 1/10 Kiwami Girls Slender Glamorous Figure Sailor Uniform Ver. Senran Kagura NewWave G Burst.

J-List has just began taking pre-orders for a new Ryona Suhada (bare skin) figure. Check out the pictures below:

In the Senran universe, Ryona is the gun-wielding, twin sister of Ryobi. She’s a huge masochist who loves to flaunt her feminine goodies, and she is sculpted doing exactly that. This figure, which represents Ryona from the Japan-only browser based card game Senran Kagura New Wave, has been lovingly sculpted by Proovy. The sculpting highlights her perfect figure, from her delicate abdominal crease to the slight divot of her camel toe. She’s wearing micro-bikini style panties which allow you to see her gorgeous “V” in the front. Her back side is almost fully exposed with her ass cheeks being squeezed out of the top and bottom of her panties. She also comes with an optional tie, which can be adorned around her neck.

Since we cover lewd topics here, it’s most important to note that this is a “cast off” figurine. If you’re not familiar with the term, it means that her top comes off to reveal her very ample breasts. Additionally, her head is affixed with a ball joint, allowing for some variations to her pose. She is amazingly detailed for a 1/10 scale model and will sit at 11.3 cm (4.4 in) in height.

This Ryona Suhada figure is scheduled to be released late April of 2017. Head over to J-list if you’re interested in pre-ordering. She will run you $98, but currently J-list is offering a 10% discount on pre-orders.

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