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Wolf’s Dungeon is a 2D sidescrolling fighting game that features the sexual misadventures of Nona, a nubile inumimi, in her escape from the dungeons of her horny orc kidnapper. During her escape, Nona encounters a wide array of creatures with a wider array of sexual devices, most of which are used to widen the length of Nona’s orifices.  She will also have to solve kinky puzzles that involve her being voluntarily filled up to the brim with cum and using a newly grown dick to cum into her own asshole.

Eluku, the game’s developer, is all about creativity and Wolf’s Dungeon does not pass up on opportunities to flesh out its kinky creative ideas. All the creativity falls under the extremer ends of the fetish spectrum however, following the diverse and extreme catalog of Fairy Fighting, its predecessor. With guro, extreme anal stretching, piss drinking, and unbirth, Eluku makes it abundantly clear that his magical wonderland of extreme fetishes will not be contained in any way.

Given its genre as a pixel porn game, Wolf’s Dungeon has exactly that. All enemies have ero grappling moves that restrain Nona and stimulate her vigorously in some form. The game design is subjected to the inversion of the reward-to-gameplay dynamic that most action pixel porn games fall upon, with the reward (hentai scene) given to the player for losing a battle. However, because the player must progress through the game to acquire all the hentai scenes, competency in using the game’s mechanics is still central to reaping said rewards. Moreso, because most enemies have multiple ways to grapple Nona and multiple KO moves, the game invites the player to actively explore the various ways to lose and get raped. On top of the sprite animations, there are game over cutscenes that differ depending on the way the player gets grappled to death.

The erotic bar in Wolf’s Dungeon functions to strip Nona’s clothing away should it fill up. When nude, Nona is rendered helpless to 1 hit KO moves from the enemy and becomes very physically weak and slow. Having the erotic bar filled and orgasming from an enemy is akin to death in most situations, although a set of new clothes awaits Nona if she’s successful in retreating to a checkpoint (the brown bushes).

There is also a level-up and stat mechanic implemented into Wolf’s Dungeon. Defeating enemies grants XP points that will level Nona up. Unlike most level-up systems, Eluku throws a twist into the game where the player doesn’t choose the stats they want to upgrade, instead, receiving an entry to a pachinko game that determines the raised stat. Each level up raises all stats by a small margin, while the pachinko game provides the most amount of points.

Now, a thing that sets Wolf’s Dungeon apart from other pixel porn games is the creatively debauched situations Eluku creates and forces the player to go through. There’s a cum inflation puzzle where the player must deliver a massive amount of cum to a pressure plate. The only way to acquire said cum is to willingly take off Nona’s clothing, walk up to an imprisoned orc, and willingly take his huge orc dick into Nona’s puffy vulva. The player is actually prompted to begin the intercourse by pressing a button for the orc to begin thrusting. This is fascinating game design because Eluku is utilizing player input and unique situations as a form of forced consent from the player, making them agree that they willingly have to have sex with the orc to progress through the game.

More on the topic of debauched situations, there are things like a vagina strengthening minigame where the player controls a futa nekomimi that is tasked with abusing Nona’s vagina. Nona is captured by a futa inumimi warrior and all the futa villagers want her to join them as a futa inumimi herself. To accomplish this, there’s a dick growth ritual that involves a huge object shoved inside a very strained vagina, and it is up to the player to abuse and prepare Nona’s vagina as much as possible. As per the diverse fetishes of the game, the player is given ample devices of ample kinks to do this, including eels, insects, weights, and the nekomimi’s own futa dick.

All of this content is divided into 3 areas: the initial orc dungeon, the surrounding forest, and the futa kemonomimi village. The enemy type and encounters are also divided between the areas, with throbbing orc dicks populating the first, sexually hungry plants and bugs in the second, and futa catgirls in heat in the third. Branching paths and future expansions can be found throughout the forest, with Eluku’s primary focus on developing the main story (the demo currently ends at the futa village).

All in all, Wolf’s Dungeon is a promising game from a promising developer who is very consistent in dishing out updates. Eluku has a lot of features planned out, with concept art being regularly posted on his devblog. You can download Wolf’s Dungeon from Eluku’s devblog, and all noteworthy updates on the title will be promptly reported here.

Additionally, if you need assistance in browsing Eluku’s website, we’ve compiled this guide on imgur to aid in your adventures.

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