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In the last couple months, a small but quite active community spawned around the so-called “era games,” dedicated to translating and spreading the word about them.

As a whole, the era games are text-based SLGs (simulation games) built around the eramaker engine. The term covers dozens of different games; most of them are built around the idea of raising and sexually training one or several girls and seem to have the most intricate sexual interfaces ever seen before in an H-game.

Sexual commands on eratohoK (and that’s only about half of all available commands)

To understand where the differences and similarities come from, let’s sit down a bit for a history lesson. In August 2003, a group known as Circle Baku released its first game called [[era] eyes roved about](http://cbaku.com/b/2010/12/era/), a doujin game with characters from the eroge Kizuato, where the player gives sexual training to a kidnapped Kaede. It was the precursor to the era games, but it was the release of erakanon in 2005 that sparked the Japanese era games development scene.

[era] eyes roved about

Released as a free game by Circle Baku in December 2005, erakanon is a text-based game expanding on the sexual training framework of the original [era] with characters from the Kanon franchise. But most importantly, Circle Baku also freely allowed the modding and redistribution of its base engine, called eramaker. Since then, Circle Baku has released several games on its era series (although not using the eramaker engine itself, keeping to a more visual-oriented style) while the era community has maintained and created several text-based games with the eramaker engine. The Japanese community has also created an emulator for the eramaker engine called Emuera, which corrects some bugs and adds new scripting features allowing for advanced gameplay customization.

erakanon, running on the original eramaker engine

As the original eramaker engine only allowed for the modification of its CSV data files, the first fanmade games were basically versions of erakanon with different characters from different franchises. After the release of Emuera, though, the era games became quite diverse, with several different gameplay styles, including RPGs, strategy, management, raising and training simulators.

The western era games community started up in May 2016, with a thread started by the user Coold in the ULMF forums. He did a partial translation of the eraTohoK game – a strategy game with characters from the Touhou franchise. At the beginning of August that translation was posted on 8ch’s /hgg/ boards, and quickly sparked interest not only in eraTohoK itself, but in era games as a whole. Several anonymous users picked up the translation of eraTohoK and some other games, in a loosely organized but surprisingly efficient way.

The 8ch community is currently working on the translation of several era games, both major games and smaller ones. None of them are completely translated so far, and can’t really be considered to be fully playable without extra help from machine translators; though given the huge amount of content in these games and the still-young translation efforts, that’s to be expected. The following games are currently in the most advanced stages of translation.

  • EraTohoK is a strategy game heavily inspired by KOEI’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, in which you fight other factions for supremacy in Gensokyo, with plenty of training, raping, conditioning and seducing happening on the sidelines.
  • EraTW (which stands for The World) covers the daily life of a character with time stopping powers in the world of Touhou (and yes, you do shout “ZA WARUDO!” when stopping time).
  • EraGVT (Girls VS Tentacles) pits a team of magical girls against an invading army of space mutant tentacles, with predictable results.
  • EraMegaten, perhaps the biggest era game being worked on yet, combines slave training with the classic dungeon crawling of the Megami Tensei series, with lots of content from all around the Megaten franchise (including spin-offs like Persona and Devil Summoner).

Base menu, dungeon crawling and battling in eraMegaten

More information about era games can be found on this Pastebin maintained by the 8ch community, as well as on its threads on the /hgg/ board . Given the fleeting nature of anonymous imageboards, a direct link would be pointless, but the era games threads are easy to find – just look for the thread with the /egg/ header image that’s closest to the top. If you’re interested in joining the translation efforts, you can find some basic instructions here , join the era games Discord channel or ask around the threads in /hgg/.

This is the droid header you’re looking for

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