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New Screenshots for Dungeon Travelers 2-2 Emerge

Some brand new screenshots have arrived for Dungeon Travelers 2-2, which first appeared thanks to pre-order listings.

If there’s one thing the PlayStation Vita has going for it, it’s naughty RPGs. Whether that’s down to suggestive outfits, or just outright smut, the Vita’s doing a pretty decent job.

Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Maid who Fell into Darkness will carry on the torch when it releases in 2017. A sequel to Dungeon Travelers 2, the game will cross over into an alternate history. Our heroes lost their final battle, causing a number of characters, including Fried, to succumb to the darkness.

While Fried is still with us, he no longer remembers anything of his past. According to Famitsu Magazine, Fried’s appearance has changed too, caused by the darkness that envelopes him. In their “darkened state”, other characters’ costumes are equally morose. Black is the order of the day, with cloaks, crows and just a bit of skin.

Dungeon Travelers 2-2 is due to release in the Spring of 2017, and will cost ¥5,800 (about $55.40 USD) for the standard physical version. Additional editions will also be available, including a premium box priced at ¥8,800 (about $84.00 USD). As a more expensive item, this version includes some extra goodies, such as a music CD and artwork.

No Western release has been announced as of yet, but you can check out the game’s listing on Amazon Japan for more. We’ll keep you posted.

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