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Frostworks brings us chapter one of Quest Failed, a visual novel now available on Nutaku.

Frostworks is an independent visual novel developer from the UK, made up of just a single person known as Frost. Back in June, Frost created a Patreon to support the development of Frostwork’s debut title, Quest Failed. Thanks to the creator’s efforts and the donations of the Patreon supporters, episode one of Quest Failed has come to fruition and is now available on Nutaku.

Quest Failed introduces us to a would-be adventurer named Matthew. Upon setting out on his first quest, he immediately discovers that he may not suited for the task. One after another, beautiful monster girls take turns making Matthew their bitch. For whatever reason, Matthew doesn’t quit adventuring. Maybe he likes to lose.

About Quest Failed – Chapter One:

Embark on an unlikely quest to become the world’s greatest adventurer in the first chapter of this action-packed tale!

Matthew has dreamed of becoming an adventurer for years, and today is finally the day he sets out to make a name for himself. He quickly realizes after a sticky encounter with a slime girl that perhaps he’s not quite cut out for this whole adventuring business after all.

Even with his first quest ending in a failure… and the second… and the third… he doesn’t let it get him down! He just keeps trying, day after day. Surely he’ll succeed one day, right? …Right?

Game features:

· Five different monster girls to encounter, each more feisty than the last as they come crashing into the poor adventurer’s life.

· Fully voiced, expansive h-scenes featuring intense action with each of the monster girls.

· Relivable defeats in the gallery – either by simply viewing the CG, or by replaying the scenes altogether!

· A lengthy, action-packed story that sets the scene for far greater things to come in this young adventurer’s journey.

· Completely uncensored. · DRM-free when purchased from Nutaku.net.

It certainly sounds enticing, but if that wasn’t enough, Frostworks explains that there are “expansive h-scenes” in the game. This is very promising, considering many visual novels take the Sakura series method of adding in a single nude pic and writing off their sex scene as complete. Quest Failed is going to be available on various sites, including itch.io, but it’s available now on Nutaku for $12. You can read more about Quest Failed on Frostwork’s itch.io and Patreon pages.

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