Daddy is coming

Yandere-chan joins the ranks of dateable characters in Crush Crush. Sad Panda Studios and YandereDev have come together to bring an exciting addition to the popular clicker/dating sim.

Sad Panda Studios has been teasing a new character for the past few days now. Now, at long last, we got the reveal of Ayano a.k.a. Yandere-chan. If you’re not familiar with Yandere-chan, she’s the protagonist of her own game, currently known as Yandere Simulator. It’s a unique game where players guide Yandere-chan through her day as she does anything to keep other girls away from her senpai. By “anything,”  I mean anything. She will lie, kidnap, and even dismember the bodies of anyone who comes between her and her senpai.

With her inclusion in Crush Crush, Sad Panda Studios made sure to capitalize on her unique personality traits. She talks shit behind the other girls’ backs non-stop and casually allude to threatening them. At one point, she even slaughters all the people in a movie theater just to keep them quiet. Best girl or best girl?

YandereDev has also made a blog post detailing Yandere-chan’s guest appearance. Check out the full post here.

There are a few things that make Yandere-chan different from the other girls in the game; for example, sometimes she will make remarks about the last girl who you clicked on. There are other differences, too…but I want to let you discover them for yourself!

Keep in mind that Yandere-chan isn’t available right from the start of the game; she’s the 7th girl you will encounter, and she is more difficult to seduce than the other girls. (Well, it’s less about seducing her, and it’s more about making her believe that you love her more than all of the other girls you’re romancing…)

I hope that you check out the game and have fun romancing Yandere-chan! Crush Crush is available for free on Steam and Kongregate. (The game is also available on Nutaku, which is a platform that features adult content, so don’t go there if you’re underage!)

Crush Crush is free-to-play, so it’s not going to hurt your wallet to check it out. Unlike the Nutaku-exclusive character, Nutaku-chan, Yandere-chan is available in all versions of the game. You can play the title on SteamKongregate, or Nutaku (for the uncensored version.)

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